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Basically the idea would be that the PCs are a group of an elite force or just your everyday hero chosen to protect idea, known as portal jumpers or just jumper and there mission would be to protect the world they live in from all forms of evil and destruction.

There are seers knows as scryers and rippers. Scryers only power is to scary on other continents, worlds, othe realms, and to decide of something there is going to be a threat to there world. They are really powerful, they gave up there power to do anything else with there magic, therefore making there eddying ability 10x that of anyone else.
Then you have the Rippers, and there power, same idea as scryers, except they tear holes in space making it Possiable to send the PCs to the othe continents, worlds, or realms.

Now I think this idea sounds cool, but what I have trouble thinking of are, well a couple things.
1) what is going on in there world that is so important to protect other then their lives, or what can there world be like to make them go to others to protect theirs.
2) some ideas that are happening in the other world or realms that will make them have to jump to that world.

Thanks will post more if needed after work.
Perhaps the more obvious option would be the threat of some ancient cosmos-spanning threat, like chaos in the 40k universe.  Perhaps the world only narrowly avoided destruction at the hands of said enemy in times gone by and now the scryers are constantly seeking out signs of new incursions (cult activity for example).  Perhaps they can see into the future too, so the jumpers are often acting to neutralise a threat before anyone in the target world/nation sees any signs (a bit like the Eldar in 40k).  As a result, the entity that the PCs work for is often viewed as the bad guys, which could create interesting conflicts and ethical dilemmas.  More I think about this, the more there seem to be multiple ideas that you could lift from 40k for this (basing the PCs' employer on the inquisition for example) - nothing wrong with borrowing from existing settings IMO.

Awesome idea btw - would love to hear what you end up doing with it  
I see what you mean. Sounds very cool. And thanks for the input. I got ideas flowing now. Let's just hope I can put this into action my grp is kinda Mia right now.

Thanks again please keep more ideas coming
Yeah the chaos it is a good idea.  What I take from that is someone like Galactus from comic books.  Someone who comes along to devour worlds to sustain themselves.  While almost impossible to destroy, perhaps they can be beaten back for a time?  Maybe later down the road there are some hints that they big "baddie" has returned.  Also, those "rippers" tear holes in space.  This could affect a lot of things within each world.  Perhaps the PC's first encounter is with a "ripper" who has messed up badly and created an awful vortex between three worlds: the rippers world, the PCs world, and a demonic plane of existence that releases a small group of lesser demons.  Maybe the lesser demonds wreak havoc on the PC's village and the ripper trys to employ the PC's help to make things right.  In the end, the ripper introduces the PC's to his group statoined in his world and asks for their help.  A easy way to get the PC's interested?  State of the art equipment and expenses.  They dont get the extreme best to start out, but hell, having a +2 sword at level 2-5 could be pretty nice right?

As far as other motivations.  Look at the PC's character classes.  For druids, maybe there is a planet/plane/other world that is all about nature with no cities that a built rather they a "grown" and are being invaded by a race of organic feeders.  The druid would have to come to the plight of that planet when they heard of it.  A paladin...perhaps something of the plane of angels has come under heavy attack by the denizens of hell and needs aid from stalwart individuals.  The rogue hears of places bounding wth riches falling fastly in to its own greed and those who save it may have a reward in the end.  So forth and so on.

Hope that helps a little!
those are all really awesome ideas/

The way im gonna start the campaign, is with them in combat with a Firelord form the fire planes.  they will defeat him, (kinda like a foreshadowing), and they a portal will tear open and the will step through.  after stepping through they are gonna wake up and it will seem as if it was a dream, that they all had and shared.  This will get things going with them thinking what the hell was that.   Then i will have them go about there normal day until they hear that thre are some dwarves in town that are unlike the other dwarves, (Duergar) and will be asked to follow them.  This will lead them to an old prison in the river, (this is in fallcrest), and this will lead into a dungeon encounter and find out what is going on.  This will then hopefully lead to them finding a ripper that needs there help.
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