Which is the best D&D Miniatures set to get started with?

I'd like to give the D&D Miniatures game a try however I'm not sure, which set out of the 15 available I should buy first.

The obvious choice would be the latest set "Dungeons of Dread" however I've read that it is the ugliest set to date. Is this really the case?

On the other hand the rules of miniatures have changed recently (4th edition D&D) and I'm not sure that it would be smart to buy an older set with obsolete rules.

What do you guys think?
Hi Hopkinson unfortunately I don't know a lot about D&D Miniatures game, but I think that you may have more luck finding about them at this location of the D&D boards.  This forum is actually for a different and unrelated product.  

The confusing part is that the D&D miniature game was actually different from the D&D role playing game (4e the current RPG) game if you're looking to get into the D&D roleplaying game the minis work regardless of edition, you just use the stats from the new rule set.   
With 4e the DDM game moved to just supporting the RPG and not continuing as a stand alone game.  

Even with that the older sets were randomized and you were never sure what you would get.  It is easier now to search out re-sellers and pick and chose what you want.    This may change with some releases this summer


i play 4e but know nothing about the actual minature game.

however, the dungeons of dread 2 player starter set was a great starter set for minis in general.


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