Preconstructed Decks: Which set would you say is the most powerful precon by today's standards?

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I've been thinking about this for quite some time now. Mainly thanks to the fact that my friend has the entire shadowmoor/eventide precon set. Which frankly, I find to be crazy strong. Even against a few of my event decks! Take for example: Doing stuff like whipping out an Ashenmoor Gouger turn 3, then slapping Fists of the Demigod onto it turn 4 to turn it into a 6/6 First Striking Withering death machine! To be quite honest, I find it rather unsettling that my Lorwyn and Morningtide decks, while in the same block, still don't happen to be on par with shadowmoor and eventide. I think it's because there's an insane amount of synergy going for those two sets. That aside...
This is only counting precons and into packs. So no Event Decks. Basically everything within Modern:
I'll be willing to even go as early as Onslaught as I own the Pulverize deck.
Edit: Including Coldsnap as well, of course. 

So which sets would you say are currently the strongest? If you have a specific precon/intro pack in mind, feel free to list that as well. Your reasoning would also be greatly appreciated. ;)
I don't remember what set in Kamigawa it was from, but the rat precon that came with Umezawa's Jitte was sick for a pre constructed deck, absolutely stomped any of the other Kamigawa ones, and I think it would fair pretty well against a lot of the others. Though I agree the Shadowmoor and Eventide ones were strong.

EDIT: Does this also count Planechase and Archenemy decks? If so I pick the Boros Planechase deck, that one was sick.
I have always been a fan of Trounce-o-Matic from Odyssey (Screw Onslaught... Odyssey's where it's at), winning a multiplayer game (where people played legitimate decks) twice over.  Basically, they knew that I was playing a precon and left me to my own devices and I killed the entire table with a well-timed OverrunWIld Mongrel was an all-star, though, allowing me to maintain board advantage by tricking folk into a few unfavorable trades.

Ixidor's Legacy from Planar Chaos is another that I've had a surprising amount of multiplayer success with.  Hell, it won a game against a decently tricked-out Sliver deck (I don't remember what the other decks were, though).  The board stalled fairly early on and Ovinomancer let me eek out enough advantage to keep that stall going (ie, I kept the sliver player in check, occassionally doing the same to the other players).  I eventually started pulling away with a clear lead when I managed to stick a Serendib Sorceror and a Merfolk Thaumaturgist.

More objective answers would probably be Transference from Darksteel (two copies of Skullclamp) and Rat's Nest from Betrayer's of Kamigawa (Umezawa's Jitte).
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