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Here is the thing.

let's suppose in the group, player A has the highest defenses in the whole party(let's say he has 35 on everything, and the rest  has 32 on everything)

after using Mantle of unity, player B  and player C use 35 for all of their defenses.

what happens if:

1.- Player B uses a power or  item, that gives him +4 to his defenses while he is affected by "the mantle".
He has now 35+4?
or does he has 32+4?

2.-Let's say player A has devout protector expertise(so he grants +1 shield bonus to CA to his allies)
Player C has CA 31 base +1 Ca from's player A "devout protector expertise"(32 Total)

After the mantle, Player C now has 35 base CA, but still doesn't has Shield now he has 36 CA in total?

RAW The Power probably use the actual current Defense score even if its buffed.
FWIW We use the unmodified Defense score as opposed to the temporary modified one when dealing with Mantle of Unity at our table after we ran into a number of problems where Power bonuses were redistributed all across and then some other Power bonuses were apply again effectively bypassing the bonus type stacking limitations. 
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