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So I'm looking to create the sword Tira Miron used in her epic battle against Bel Shalor. I want to make it similar to a Weapon of Legacy in that it has growing abilities that can be unlocked by the user over the course of the campaign. Additionally, however, I'd like it to have the equivalent of a Dual Legacy. That is, two sets of abilities that may be unlocked and utilized by the wielder representing the "good" abilities from its relation to the Silver Flame and the "evil" abilities from its relation to the Shadow in the Flame. The wielder in my campaign is a Half-Celestial Paladin/Cleric working towards Exorcist of the Silver Flame, so I'm trying to make the abilities uniquely different from what he gets out of these classes and his race. Here were some ideas I'd had so far:

Firstly, the weapon is a Fullblade (Arms & Equipment Guide, pg 7) which is mechanically the same as a Large Bastard Sword in 3.5, since Keith once mentioned that her sword should be a fullblade if statted in 4E.

Binding (MIC, pg 29) (+1)
[*]Acts like dimensional anchor for 10 minutes against a creature you strike.

Banishing (MIC, pg 29) (+2)
[*]Three times per day you can banish an outsider back to its home plane (I'd make the argument that the player could use it to banish fiends back to Khyber) if it fails a DC 20 Will Save.

Holy (DMG, pg 225) (+2)
[*]So this one is typical, but I'm a tad concerned about it. Does this overlap with the Weapon of Sacred Flame class ability of the EotSF? Holy weapons seem to be untyped damage, but I could see an argument made for considering it to be Sacred damage. If it would be considered Sacred damage, I may stray away from it, just so the extra damage done doesn't seem like overkill that I've granted willy-nilly.

Holy Surge [Synergy] (MIC, pg 36) (+1)
[*]If Holy is applied to the weapon, Holy Surge should be a must for it.

Heavenly Burst (MIC, pg 36) (+1)
[*]Essentially, an on-critical version of Holy Surge that can be applied without Holy as a prerequisite. If Holy/Holy Surge isn't applied, this is still a good addition.

Flametouched Iron Holy Symbol 
[*]Instead of making the weapon out of Flametouched Iron (which would just make it good-aligned, overlapping with the Weapon of Good class ability of the EotSF), I'd embed the SF's symbol into the hilt of the weapon, treating the wielder as one level higher for turning undead and censuring fiends.

(Modified) Keeper's Fang
[*]This would be the weapons highest ability, for both the "good" track and the "evil" track. Since Tira Miron's sword was partly forged from Bel Shalor's own Khyber Shard prison, I wondered: "What if it could be used to bind souls?" So this ability would trap the soul of a slain creature in the sword, keeping certain immortal fiends from reforming after they are defeated and prevening non-immortal enemies from being resurrected (despite the fact that resurrection is quite rare). I've been toying with the thought that trapped souls can provide a bonus to attack up to a certain amount, but I haven't worked out the mechanics for anything like this yet.

So those are the preliminary ideas I had for the "good track". Anything else you can think of for the "good track" / ideas for the "evil track"? Or comments on what I've mentioned?
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How do you intend to get the sword, since it's deep in Khyber at the base of the Silver Flame, with the pillar of firecoming from its pommel stone?
This will seem crazy, but here goes: The player who will wield Kloinjer... is from the future (do not ask me why I said yes to this request). There, the sword had been recovered by fiends after a number of Overlords escaped their prisons and was being used by a freed Melysse Miron in service of Bel Shalor. It falls into the player's possession just before he gets sent back in time. The question of how to work it into the story properly is something I'm working on and changing frequently, it's more the mechanics of it that I wanted to discuss here.
Call me Ender.
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