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Next character my group asked me to make is Morrigan, from Dragon Age.

I don't know much about her, but from what I've learned from the guy that requested her, she sounds like either a Wizare (Mage, Necromancy) or a Warlock.  She seems to be riding the fence between a Controller and a Striker.

I can probably handle either build using the excellent handbooks on the boards, however, I'm sort of torn between which one to use, as I don't know much about either build.

I'm wondering if there is anyone on the CO boards that knows enough about Dragon Age and about both builds to be able to make a recommendation on which one to use.

I'm going to go ahead and start on a Warlock build.  If I don't get a reply, I'll probably make one of each, and just see how I like both of them, and just keep one.  But if I get enough responses other wise, I'll go ahead and just use the suggested build.       
Heh, my Morrigan was always party healer. Problem with dirvergant tech trees I suppose.
By lore, Morrigan is a Witch of the Wylds, a sorceress tied to nature and spirits, close to the "evil witch" of fairy tales.
On the playable side, she is (in DA:O) a Mage with the Shapeshifter specialization which starts with spells in the Entropy tree (and Spirit, iirc).

DAO's Entropy spells provide control. Weakness, paralysys, sleep, nightmares, disorient, stunning, increased miss chance and vulnerability to damage and critical strikes. Also some draining effects, but it's not a "striker" tree, it is, by all means, an extremely powerful control tree, possibly the strongest control DAO has in the whole game.

Spirit spells also provide control effects, while on a different level. Sprits grants protection against magic and mages, draining mana, dispels, anti-magic shields, etc. It also has stunning and imprisoning effects, as well as a slight touch of necromancy, but only a little.

The Shapeshifter specialization is straight that: changing form.

Going by DAO, she is a Witch down to the core, but the class kinda sucks :P She is closer to a Wizard than a Warlock with the effects she can create, but much more similar to a Fey Warlock in terms of lore, and you need to be VERY heavy on control to match the game character. The Shapeshifting bit should also find some form possibly, if you want to play the "real" Morrigan. Some form of Wizard|Druid or Wizard/Druid could probably suit her best, then god knows what you need to do to optimize that.

Also, Zeratul's right. Mages can be pretty much everything in DAO. Morrigan could be an elemental mage, a healer, both of them, or some mix of these with the mentioned curses and hexes. Lore-wise she is what I explained before, yet you could change her. This also seem to weight in favour of the Wizard. You hardly have THAT level of flexibility with anything else.
You're probably better off to cover the shapeshifting element with a theme, rather than going for a hybrid.
True. I had a second look at it and I thin you can do it just fine by playing a Witch (that fits the character perfectly) and taking a good selection of the wizard's control powers. Luckily enough, some of the most powerful choices also fit the theme very nicely.
Morrigan doesn't have a familiar. And the Witch class is not worth playing. Use a Mage or Arcanist and reflavour it.
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For what it's worth, I had planned to focus on the entropy/death aspect of her possible builds.  I wasn't going to focus much, if at all, on her shapeshifting and even less on her healing.

Either way, it seems like a general agreement that a Wizard would make a better Morrigan than a Warlock.

I'll drop what I've got so far on the Warlock build and start on a Wizard build.  Should I go Arcanist or Mage?  I'm thinking Mage, because I don't think any of the Wizard features are that great.  Plus, the Necromancer Enigmatic Mage PP seems well suited for what little I know about Morrigan (I know she had a spell where she could make an enemy explode when they die, and that very spell is in that PP).   
You could go changling for race for that shapeshifter aspect (though you won't be turning into giant spiders or bears, sadly) and the racial bonuses synch up nicely with any of the spell casting classes.
Really I think you'd just build her as a shapeshifter druid. The beast form abilities cover her shapeshifting and the human-form abilities cover the stuns, dazes, slows and hexes perfectly fine.
I'll second the Druid as well.

all the controllerish effects and the shapeshifting.

Though of the DAO mages, I really prefer Wynne.  She is made of it. 
Druid, all the way.

And I hated Wynne.  My first playthrough Morrigan made us fight her and I was in full support.
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Could take the pack wolf theme...and play a mage/wizard/warlock/whatever.

I seem to remember when you first encountered her she was in wolf form? 
For what it's worth, I had planned to focus on the entropy/death aspect of her possible builds.  I wasn't going to focus much, if at all, on her shapeshifting and even less on her healing.

While I rarely, if ever, used the Shapeshifting abilities in DAO, I think it would be a mistake to neglect them here.

In a game of variable skill trees, they're the one set-in-stone mechanic she has. She might be a healer, a blaster, or a controller in any given playthrough by any given player, but she'll always be a shapeshifter(assuming you don't mod this). IMO, a wizard might be how you played her; a druid is what she IS. 

For what it's worth, my Morrigan would be a shifter druid. Less accurate as to how I built the character, more accurate as to the spirit of the character. If you asked me to build Alistair, he'd be a sword and board paladin, despite the fact that I played him as a dual-wield warrior.

I definitely agree with Khizan about shape shifting being core to morrigan as a character. She talks about it a lot in game when you're having conversations with her and it really defines who she was as a person. I myself didn't really lvl it up because it meant not being able to cast spells (I think the different stances for the golem character was a better execution of what they were going for with morrigan) but it was still really defining.
Down to her core, she is the "true" Witch of the Wilds, the chosen heir of Flemeth and not just one of many.
If we're going for her core, then yes, shapeshifting can't be denied. That and hexes. Yes she can do different stuff, but most of the Wilds' magic as its told in the Dragon Age world calls for hexes and such.
I admit you made me change my mind, Druid could really be the closest. She is THE nature's mage after all.
That's a lot of support for her to be a Druid.  The only thing that I feel is missing if I were to make a Druid build is that, the flavor of the powers doesn't seem quite right (as far as I know).

Doesn't Morrigan use a lot of dark-oriented powers, that would likely be either Shadow or Necrotic?  Maybe Poison?  All of the nature-themed powers of the Druid don't seem fitting, flavor-wise.

Would there be a way to make a Druid with more of a dark-bend to the flavor?  I suppose there's always implements/weapliments that can convert damage to necrotic; but it's a well-resisted damage type and not well supported.   
Frankly, I'd make the damage Psychic. Most of the Entropy school she specializes in works by screwing with your opponent's mind. The Hesse are a bit of an odd case, so I can see the Shadow or Necrotic, but I think most of it should be Psychic, if possible.
i believe the blightbeast paragon path covers all of what you need to make a perfect morrigan without any need to reflavor......................... just pick other powers , encounters and so on, that are not beast form, and you have her................including things like dominate at several levels. half elf would be a really fine choice of a race, and you could pick some warlock or necromancer at-wills to give her even more support as a dark caster.
Morrigan's a druid, obviously, possibly with some power swaps for more psychic/necrotic stuff, but to capture her role in DAO she really needs a homebrew power:

Storm of the Century
Arcane Encounter Attack * Lightning, Zone
2 rounds to cast
Area burst 15 in 20
Special: Another arcane character must cast this spell at the same time.
Effect: You create a zone in the burst that lasts until the end of the encounter. Any creature that starts its turn in the zone takes 100 lightning damage.

Ah, video games.
While the druid may have allowed me to factor in shape changing a bit more, the requestor ended up steering me toward Wizard.

Wizard has all of the best controlling powers, with all the best debilitating status effects which was the aspect of Morrigan he wanted me to focus on.

Thanks for everyones input, and I look forward to more input on the next requested build which looks like it will be either a Force Mage (Dragon Age 2 inspired) or a "Pyro-Samurai" inspired by a former build of another player.
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