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Woodland Cemeteryx4
Temple of the False Godx4
Grim Backwoodsx2

Grave Titanx2
Primeval Titanx2
Krosan Droverx4
Fierce Empathx3
Viridian Emissaryx3
Sheoldred, Whispering Onex2
Vorinclex, Voice of Hungerx2
Solemn Simulacrumx2
Pestilence Demonx2
Mephidross Vampirex2
Gaea's Revengex2
Massacre Wurmx2

Heartless Summoningx3
Sphere of the Sunsx3
Go for the Throatx2
Doom Bladex2

Doom bladex2
Go for the Throatx2
Bloodgift Demonx2
Night's Whisperx2
Sign in Bloodx2
Liliana of the Veilx2
Heartless Summoningx1

The Deck is what I like to call the G/B Cheaply Beaters. The concept is agrro by making the bigger creatures cost less through the Krosan Drovers and Heartless Summonings so That most of my big baddies cost cheap with some creature kill spells and the Sphere of the suns to give me b or g mana. Side board helps to give me a bit of hand advantage, swap out Doom Blades and Go for the Throats according to opponents deck color and dismembers for opposing big creatures with Liliana of the Veil for that touch of hand and creature control.

The only issue I've run into as when I was playing FNM one night and was telling someone this deck idea only to be told that Heartless makes Krosan not work unless a creature's CMC is big enough for both to affect it due to Heartless causing a card's CMC cost become less than 6 and thus puts it under Krosan's CMC range since it needs 6 or over. I read else where about how that seems to not be true but I have no idea on the rulings as of today regarding multiple Drovers and Summonings on the field.

For example, I have two Krosan Drovers and one Heartless Summoning and I wanted to cast Wurmcoil Engine. The thread I read that I can cast Wurmcoil for free but at FNM and a friend who's trying to become an actual Tournament Judge told me that I can't get the Drover's effects because of Heartless making Wurmcoil cost 4.

Speaking of Wurmcoil, I should consider putting 2 of them in here.
i think it would be noted in the rulings of krosan drover if this was true but i'd ask in the rules forum.

Anyway i like the idea i have one just like it using giants.

Im not crazy bout many of your choices. i think you ought to focus on lower costing creatures voracious hatchling for one, abyssal persecutor might be another. What you want in this deck is utilize the lowered cost from 2 of these to play several fatties in one turn.
the hand youre hoping for is t2 heartless, t3 drover+hatchling t4 hatchling*2 massacare wurm --> swing to the wailing of their women.

4 would be perfect, sadly not a lot of power 6+ in this slot, but cmc 4/6 is almost as good and gives you access to massacre wurm.

the titans arent great here. making the tokens 1/1 makes grave much less sexy and unless you bring in some cards to make use of primeval like mosswort bridge he really doesnt do much for you here where you will quickly have all the ramp you need.
The converted mana cost of a card never changes.

I think shoehorning in 2 skelions and 2 mephidross vampires is not doing you any favors. The combo is never going to happen and neither of them is very good on their own. Replace them with more awesomer things like the aforementioned wurmcoils. 
You do not have very much pop for a heartless deck. Think you should look at the 2 cmc slot in artifacts and see if anything catches your eye.

The drover is overkill. What you should do is design around a normal curve minus 2. Having a way to sacrifice enchantments(or permanents) lets you get rid of the extra heartless and buffs your creatures after you are top decking.

Here is one of my heartless decks for comparison, this is a straight attrition aggro deck.
4 myr superion Castable on turn 2 for free after a hearltess
4 grinning ignus changes red mana into 2 colorless for large creatures.
4 Epochrasite Another freebie creaure.
4 grave titan fodder for sacrifice.
3 steel hellkite big nasty (wurmcoil or any other big nasty would certainyl work here)

4 sarcomancy (2 permanents for a dirt cheap price)
4 dismember (1 cmc good removal)
4 Heartless Summoning (the engine)
4 smokestack (a sacrifice outlet that eventually gets rid of heartless after it has done its job)
1 vampiric tutor
1 demonic tutor

4 lavaclaw reaches
4 badlands
4 Blackcleave Cliffs
4 Blood Crypt
4 Dragonskull Summit
2 swamp

4 crack the earth
3 perilous myr
3 Massacre Wurm
2 Solemn Simulacrum
1 red sun's zenith
1 black sun's zenith
1 recurring nightmare
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