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Ok guys, long story short: My druid complains of how his beast form (Swarm Build Druid, he picked a spider) can't weave spiderweb nor climb walls... 
He asks me to let him do that while role playing but I'm sure he would wine later as  in how "Oh come on my spider can climb walls outside of combat, why not now then?!"

What should I do? I mean I really find it nnsensical how druids can change chape into even a hawk but can't hover nor do... hawk things :/
It wpuld be too much of a hassle to invent powers, bonuses and whatnot everytime a druid transforms... 
Well, just because you take the form of an animal doesnt mean you BECOME the animal. Having wings does not automatically grant you flight, and being a spider doesn't mean you have what you need to cling to a non floor surface.

That being said, you could always just make a homebrew feat for him that says "While in Beast Form, you gain spider climb = your speed" or the like. Taking the time to learn how spiders climb walls and then applying that information to practice makes sense.
Well, just because you take the form of an animal doesnt mean you BECOME the animal


Things in 4e are a developmental process.  He looks like a spider first, then acts like a spider later.  If he wants to spin web, tell him to take powers that cause enemies to be Slowed and Immobilized.  If he wants to climb walls, tell him to take powers/feats that increase his athletics and grant him a climb speed.

Do not just give it to him for free.  Once you give, he'll keep asking; you already acknowledged this.  Also, if other players find out, they may want more too.

Just stand your ground and tell him to stop trying to cheat, and he'll shut up.

If he whines, just tell him he's a hobo spider.  They're a type of ground spider, and generally suck at climbing.
Your instincts are right, to let him do what he wants outside of combat, maybe with a skill check. You could specify that weaving the web or climbing the wall or whatever takes time and concentration that's not available in combat. There's good precedent for this with rituals.

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

This is not exactly a solution (I think others before me have given good advice) but it does remind me of an incident when the druid in our group wanted to sneak into a party by turning into an exotic bird and sitting on another character's shoulder.  He realized that it had to be a medium-sized, flightless bird so we gave him a hard time about sneaking into the party as a penguin . . .
I heard that they are making a new video game, where you control the Netherese flying citadel of Sakkors, raining death on your helpless enemies below. Working title: Mythal Command.
You could even just abdicate responsibility/empower the player: "Here are the rules, you tell me how they're reflected in reality of the game."

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

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