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This started out as an attempted to make Faeries in pauper. News flash! you can't. however, I dug up a couple gems and put together this (potentially very aggrevating) UG deck:

This is the epitome of draw-go. I don't think I ever HAVE to cast anything on my turn. Ideally, the ability to respod at any time with a warm body, buff, or counter should give my opponents the least information possible about what I'm going to do. Hunger of the Howlpack makes attacking dangerous for my opponent, since I can respond with a chump and then pump the crap out of something already on the board.

The only consideration I've given is replacing Dewdrop Spy with Unsummon, so I can rescue my dudes from danger or bounce blockers. If Brainstorm werent nearly $2 a pop on MTGO They would be where Think Twice is now.

So yeah.

Spellstutter Sprite is not only an awesome common, but is Illustrated by my favorite magic artist AND is really satisfying to say.

Spellstutter Sprite.

You may want 1 or 2 Havenwood Wurm as finishers

There are also low-mana cost suspend spells that you could play in the early turns, before you could have counterspell mana open, such as Durkwood Baloth

I think it'd be a bad idea to remove Dewdrop Spy.  From just looking at the list, it looks like that and the pestermite do the lion's share of the work with regards to actually winning the game.

I also don't really like the Winged Coatl, I suppose it's played as a removal spell 90% of the time?  I guess that's okay.

It feels that if you want to actually play draw go, you should likely play more...draw spells and more counterspells.  I know it'll cost a few tix, but maybe you should invest in actual Counterspells
At the very least, there are more counters that hit specific things, like Remove Soul and Negate and whatnot.

Other cards that might be worth considering:
Ophidian Eye
Crookclaw Transmuter

I would do something like...
4-8 more counterspells of some sort
2-4 bounce spells to "fix" whatever gets through your counter wall, cantrips would be best (Repulse)
2 Havenwood wurm
3-6 more instant speed draw spells, even Sleight of Hand or Opt - maybe not...

I'd remove:
4x Ashcoat Bear
2x Winged Coatl
2x Ambush Viper

Maybe also remove a hunger or a vines?  I think those should probably stay though.  In my opinion, vines is superior to Unsummon (except for with spellstutter sprite)

Of course, I could be way off base here...

Oh, I just thought of something.  Bonesplitter at 1-2 may be nice, just to give you a way to end the game quickly without needing many creatures.

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