Augmentable powers on non psionic characters

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Quick One:

Can a character like a warrior or warlock, use Power Points gained with a paragon path to augemnt powers?

thanks in advanceĀ 
No, you need the Psionic Augmentation Class Feature to augment powers.
No, you need the Psionic Augmentation Class Feature to augment powers.

This is no longer true, as of the Rules Compendium (page 115). If you have power points (no matter how you got them), you can augment powers that have the 'augmentable' keyword.

EDIT: Scratch, that. What Alcestis said was actually never true, even in PHB3 (see page 216). All you need is a power with the 'augmentable' keyword and a source of power points. The 'Psionic Augmentation' class feature is mentioned only as one possible source of power points, not as a prerequisite for augmenting powers.

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Worth noting, however, that most non-class sources of augmentable powers (cf Dilettante) explicitly remove the Augmentable keyword from those powers.

You could augment your PP encounter power just fine, though, assuming it has augments.
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You can also augment one of the numerous magic items with an augmentable power attached.
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Wow I flubbed that. Can't remember why I thought you needed the class feature. Ah well, thanks Duskweaver.
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