What do you think of my acrylic painted box?

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It's my first try painting anything this detailed on a box. I had a hard time with his face and the arm in front of his body. Oh well, I suppose I'll get some more practice as my friends at my local shop want me to do some for them. I'm using it as a dice box and a place to store my extra draft sleeves.

What do you think?

Art originally by Aleksi Briclot (Agents of Artifice Promo)
That's cool bro.
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I can't really understand people that just go along with the school, job, marrige, kids type goals in life because that is what they think is right. If people want those things they should want them because it makes them happy. I had an ex like that, she wanted those things because her family and her peers all wanted those things. Thinking for yourself is one of the greatest things you are capable of.
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