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Porter of the Dead erdana,sans-serif">
Creature – Vampire (C)

When Porter of the Dead dies, return target creature with converted mana cost 2 or less from your graveyard to the battlefield.

mini-reveillark.  interested in seeing where this one goes.
Vampire butler?  Seems OK if it's the top of your curve.

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That's it.  I'm building Esper Wannabe Lark.  It's destiny.  But why can't you blink this?
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Not bad, a solid card
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this guy seems really cool.
That's actually not too bad.
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snapcaster again? Don't mind if I do
This is good.  Shenanigans will happen.
Really good for a common.
Seems awesome for GB pod. Get an acidic slime AND bring back Strangleroot Geist? I can see why they thought pod was going to be OP 
Seems like one of the stronger black cards for limited in the set won't be constructed playable though.

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Huh. Other than Myr Superion, what would the cheesiest targets for this thing be in formats that don't have better things to think about?

The first place where I know this will be amazing is in Pauper. This kind of effect is something that has been missing, though it would be quite good there, and there are a lot of decks that could use it effectively, especially the Tortured Existence decks.


This might be good enough in competitive constructed decks. Maybe there is a deck that wants this alongside Reveillark? Maybe this is good enough in Standard next to Havengul Lich? I'm not sure, but it seems like this has a place somewhere, which is saying something for a common.


This is about as good as Gravedigger, which is a very strong card in limited. Getting something directly into play is pretty good, but you only get to get cheap things, where Gravedigger could get anything. Also, its much hard to control the effect. But this is still a great card, and it will often be better than Gravedigger in aggressive decks. 
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Phantasmal Image Snapcaster Mage and Myr Superion are the only decent targets I see in a quick gatherer scan.  The Superion is useless in a deck like this, so the only deck floating around I see it benefiting is Solar Flare, which is dead in my meta at least and woulnd't have the time or space for it anyway.  Unless we see some cards for crazy GY shenanigans, I don't think this will go anywhere.
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Other sites are listing this as Uncommon. The spanish-language leak of this particular card is very blurry, so it's hard to tell if the set symbol looks grey because it's a blurry black over a blurry white background, or grey because it's grey.

Trying to compare with other blurry images makes me think this one really is Common. I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't. Direct graveyard-to-play recursion hasn't been on a common in a long time, but this could be this set's 'hell yes' common for black, like Kiln Fiend or Angel of Dawn(that 2/4 flying lifelink one).
Huh. Other than Myr Superion, what would the cheesiest targets for this thing be in formats that don't have better things to think about?

Too easy ...  Phantasmal Image.

If this is in play, then you get a Phantasmal Image that can bring it self back over and over and you get infinite (?) sacrifice engine. =)
Otherwise you can throw Image in early game to copy a dork and if it dies, bring it back with this a copy a fatty.

I also wonder how it would work in a rockish build with something like, Strangleroot Geist or Mayor of Avabruck

Whoa whoa whoa. Let me get this straight, black got something decent? What's going on here? Also, fantastic in limited.
This is a great card. Just awesome. A mini reveillark? Yes please! Thank god for this card!

SwDS: 0/5 

Stop the H4TE

When I first read the card I thought it said POWER 2 or less, and I was so excited for the possibilities in Birthing Pod.

And now I'm a sad panda ):
Lark was good, and I think this will see play too.


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