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Gryff Vanguard erdana,sans-serif">
Creature – Human Knight (C)

When Gryff Vanguard enters the battlefield, draw a card.

Solid (GILBIC?), but boring.

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THE COALITION WAR GAME -Phyrexian Chief Praetor
Round 1: (4-1-2, 1 kill)
Round 2: (16-8-2, 4 kills)
Round 3: (18-9-2, 1 kill)
Round 4: (22-10-0, 2 kills)
Round 5: (56-16-3, 9 kills)
Round 6: (8-7-1)

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not quite the muldrifter.
Solid (GILBIC?), but boring.

not quite the muldrifter.

Exactly my thoughts.  Normally, I'd love this guy in limited, but thanks to all the Blink effects and my fond memories of all the shenanigans available in TSP-LOR, this is just a kick to the teeth.
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seems like a fine top-end limited dude.
Would have prefered something closer to wall of omens or seagate oracle for Flicker abuse... turn 5 though, please be something a tad cheaper!
This seems pretty good to me in limited.

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We have just found the card from AVR which I will own the most of on my MTGO account.  Dear god I love this card.
Blue Knight!
Otherwise, meh...
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It's taken me awhile to finally find the card that makes all these flicker effects useful. But now that I've found it, I can rest peacefully. This is so good in limited it's stupid.


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