Need Help with Homebrew Class Ideas: Fusionist and Puppet Master

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Ok guys, so I've been thinking of making the following classes since well, Druid and Artificer, which are similar to these ones, aren't exactly what I am seeking... (I am a Dungeoon Master so, there's no real trouble with permissions and whatnot)

 Ok, the first class, the fusionist is like ehm... any one of you have played Shadow Hearts before? Well, there's this Yuri character who is totally awesome, this guy could defeat demons and attain their souls so then he could FUSE his body and soul with said semon essences, thus, tranformint into totally cool creatures, each with 3-4 powers, and his human form had a couple regular powers,and used bare fisted melee attacks. So yeah, I feel like this is possible for D&D 4E.

 Like, Yuri used Sanity Point to transform into his fusions, maybe I can do the same... I can give him SP (Sanity Points) equal to 7+Endurance Modifier, and give each Fusion a cost, the Fusionist wouldn't be able to regain SP unless he takes an extended rest (then he would regain all of his SP). My idea is to make all of his at-will attacks usable only in human form, and make Fusioning an Encounter Feat Power, then, giving special properties to his encounter attacks (let's say each fusion he obtains has 2 at will powers, but can use ifferent encounter powers deppending on the type learned, say, a Lightning keyword power would be only usable by a Lighning keyword fusion).... Meh... that's the basic idea for this class...

The Puppet Master would be sort of a ranger warrior who usses puppets to attack, nothing like the Beast Master, since each Puppet would have mechanisms... the puppet to chose deppend on the Class Feat "Pupper Servant", and every puppet aviable would have a Keyword that shows which powers will learn with time (a destroyer puppet would learn "Wallcrusher", which has the destroyer keyword, and an entertainer puppet would learn "Joyful Dance", which has the enterteainer keyword).

Eh....what do you think? 
The first sounds like a shadow-theme character.
Elements of barbarian/berserker in the mix, and maybe some arcane/martial striker or avenger

The second is like Pokemon gone shadow. Warlord with familiars/minions and a bit of a beast flavor?
For the first, what about modifying a Warden?  They transform into aspects and have specific powers, but you could flesh it out more in the absence of "out of transformation" encounter powers.  The transformation could be a daily but the ability to sustain could be base on Endurance.

For the second, do you watch any Naruto?  There is a puppet user on there that could help flesh out puppet abilities.  Deploy puppet- minor action?  Attack based on your Dex mod.  (your ability to manipulate the strings). 
Green rogue puppet: Daily- Hidden Spit- you trigger the puppet to spit poison from a vessel hidden in its mouth- Standard action, Ranged 5/10, Target one creature- Dex v. Reflex- 2d10+dex mod poison damage, 5 ongoing poison damage (save ends)  {Why daily and not encounter?  It takes time and skill to reload the poison right and not poison yourself, therefore extended rest time needed instead of short rest.}  Encounter- Springing Dagger- a dagger shoots from a spring loaded hole in the chest cavity- Standard action, Ranged 5/10, Target one creature- Dex v. AC- 2d4?+dex mod weapon damage and target is treated as Surprised until the end of your next turn.  {Why encounter?  After battle you can pick up the dagger or use a different one and reload it relatively easy} at will (needs to be something the puppet can do anytime) Basic Attack?- make a basic melee attack with your puppet- use your Dex instead of Str.  At will-Interpose!- immediate interrupt, Trigger- an enemy hits you with an attack- action roll a dex check with DC equal to the attack roll, if you succeed, the puppet intersected the attck and takes the damage (I don't know many HP you puppets have... Maybe this is a 2nd level Utility?) 
IDK, it's just something i made up on the spot when I saw your post...
Parenthood: Gain rage class feature. While enraged, take ongoing psychic damage equal to half the child's level. Dealing damage while enraged is against your Code of Conduct and you will be depowered.


^^Wow, is that really how I came across in that personality thing or was this chosen at random?
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