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In a friendly game today, my friend had two cards out on the battlefield: Disruptive Student and Daring Apprentice. When I went to cast a burn card -- I cannot remember the specific card -- he first tapped Disruptive Student to force me to pay an additional 1 colorless mana. After doing so, I believed the card would have then resolved off the stack, but he then sac'd Daring Apprentice to go through with the counterspell.

My argument is in the wording of the Disruptive Student activated ability -- "Counter target spell unless its controller pays 1". I read that to mean, as soon as I pay one it resolves. He believes, and is sadly most likely to be correct, that he can still then use the Daring Apprentice to continue with another attempt to counter my spell.

He is correct, as I suspect he is, that he can continue to add counter-type spells onto the stack until one eventually goes off (regardless of the first spell/ability he used to try and counter the spell)?
He is correct. You can add things to the stack when you have priority. Items resolve off the stack one at a time. Then people have a chance to respond after each resolution.
Objects on the stack resolve one at a time, with each player getting priority after each to add more things to the stack. Just because one object resolved, doesn't mean all other objects also resolve. Paying for Disruptive Student is just that, part of the resolution of the Student's ability. It doesn't let your spell resolve, that one still has to wait its turn (it needs to be the top object on the stack, and all player need to pass priority in succession).

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The big there here is that everything on the stack resolves one-at-time with both players passing priority in between.  This is usually shortcutted so you both don't have to say "pass-pass" for everything on the stack.
But what happens is you put your burn spell on the stack.  You pass priority  hoping for it to resolve.  Your friend doesn't, he put his Disruptive Student's ability on the stack.  He passes, hoping for it to resolve.  You pass, so it does.  As the ability resolves, you can choose to pay or have the spell countered. You pay the and now that the ability has resolved, you get priority as active player and pass, hoping for your burn spell to resolve.  Your opponent doesn't (again) and put's Daring Apprentice's ability on the stack.  He passes, you pass.  It resovles and takes your burn spell off the stack.  Now that the ability has resolved you get priority again, but your burn spell isn't on the stack.
My argument is in the wording of the Disruptive Student activated ability -- "Counter target spell unless its controller pays 1". I read that to mean, as soon as I pay one it resolves.

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