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 I have this scenario in a game:

 I have a Phantasmal Image  who is currently copying a Kitchen Finks in my opponent's side in my opponet's turn he cast a Path to Exile targeting my image

By the sacrifice ability on the image i have to put it on the graveyard instead of exiling it, but then what happends?

 It returns by the persist ability? and if so it returns as the phantasmal image or as the kitchen finks?

 If it returns as the phantasmal image can i decide to copy something else beside the kitchen finks or it has to copy them again?

Thanks in advance for your advice! 
It had Persist when it died (the game checks the last moment it was on the battlefield), so it will return from the graveyard with a -1/-1 counter. It will be a Phantasmal Image entering, so you get to choose a new creature to copy; it may be the same Finks again.

Also, for the record, since Path to Exile no longer has a target, it gets countered on resolution and you don't get the land.
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