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Okay, so I do not use it often, but I do have a question about Retraining.

IF you do not retrain at a level, and you still have all the retraining available, can you use them when you level again?

I have a character about to hit level 6, and I do have to retrain one feat that i never use, but there is a power htat I am thinking of retraining as well.  Right now my sheet says I have all my retraining available, can I use them, or am I only able to use the level 6 retrain?
I'd say without DM consent you should probably stick with retraining one element per level. That said, ask your DM.
4e D&D is not a "Tabletop MMO." It is not Massively Multiplayer, and is usually not played Online. Come up with better descriptions of your complaints, cuz this one means jack ****.
RAW don't really address this IIRC, but I would think that this would really be a situation best decided by the group at the beginning of the campaign and moderated by the DM.
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