Help with a G/W Eldrazi Urzatron deck.

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Hello everyone. Relatively new player on a semi-budgeted attempt at building an Eldrazi ramp deck. It's done alright in the casual circle, but it has a huge weakness to burn decks, especially friend's goblin deck. I want to attend a tournament in Columbus in July, and I was wondering what advice you could offer me?

It used to be mono-green. I decided to turn it into a dual green/white deck and change this around. This is what it looks like now:

As you can see by the changelog, I removed a lot of the lesser eldrazi. I've been advised to add Karn and Wurmcoil, but I'm afraid of how I would be able to ensure getting Karn out.

Does anyone have advice?

Thank you
Added 2 Wurmcoils...anyone have any advice at all?
Well if 12 post is modern legal.... Or the Urza tron lands are then.... Heres the list:
urza's tower
urza's mine
urza's power plant

U can add amulet of vigor for the clouposts also.
Actually now that i look at it you are almost running a mono green karn tron deck. It is what i play currently but with less eldrazi. Look it up...
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