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how exactly does the implement feats "affect" the weapon attacks you make with your pact blade?

By example:

let's say a Hexblade has a Orb on his offhand, and has the "superior implement feat: Accurate Orb" and "implement focus:Orb"

Does he gain +1 to attack rolls from the "accurate orb"?

Does he gain +1 per tier to damage rolls, from the implement focus feat?

thanks in advance 
Yes, assuming he has proficiency with Orbs.  Both those elements check for the Implement keyword, which the hexblade's attacks have.
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Yes, assuming he has proficiency with Orbs.  Both those elements check for the Implement keyword, which the hexblade's attacks have.

This is true but to expand on it any power that has the implement keyword will allow you to use your implement feats just like you listed.  Notice that all the pact at wills and encounter weapon powers include the implement keyword.  So what  the spaceinvader said is true.

However if you use a weapon attack without the implement keyword (as in every other weapon attack ever) you do not get your implement feats.  For instance you use eldritch strike since you are human and took it as your extra at will.  Eldritch strike lacks the implement keyword so feats like implement focus will not work with it even if you use your pact blade (and that is a warlock power).  So always check to see if it has the implement keyword.
I don't think such Feats affect the Pact Blade since Pact Blade are Warlock Implement, but don't count as Orbs.

And if you referred to Pact Weapon, yes you will be considered to be wielding both your Pact Weapon and your Orb for the purpose of these Orb Feats but only when using powers associated with your Pact Weapon that have both the Weapon and the Implement keyword.

PHB 235 Pact Blade: This blade functions as a warlock implement, adding its enhancement bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls for warlock powers that use implements.  

HotFK 207 Pact Weapon: ...Your pact weapon shares your implement’s enhancement bonus, critical hit effect, properties, and powers..When you use a power associated with your pact weapon and the power has both the weapon and the implement keyword, you are considered to be wielding both your pact weapon and your implement for the purpose of feats and other game elements.
Most people who talk about Hexblades mean Pact Weapons when they say Pact Blade, not the magic item enchantment that allows a blade to function as a Warlock implement.  Blame the writers for calling them "Hexblade" yet allowing for non-blade weapons, such that they have to call it "Pact Weapon."
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That's what i figured but i decided to address what the OP inquired about as well, just in case its what he really meant Wink
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