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Hi. This is my first post, but on a question I've had for a while. The feat Pact Blade Manifistation published in Dragon 400, I believe(don't have DDI right now) has a prerequisite of being a Warlock with a pact associated with a hexblade. It gives you the Pact Weapon feature (which is awesome), as well as the at-will associated with the pact you have.

This is just fine for a regular 'lock, but for any other CHA-based class, or basic attack E-class, this is a very powerful option. To break it down,

for the cost of two feats(albiet one multiclass), you get:
-a superior weapon prof.,
-a Cha-based MBA,
-a weapliment
-hexblade fluff
-availible for any race and class
-White Lotus and other Arcane optimization

the drawbacks:

-non implement classes have to figure out an implement
-your multiclass is filled
-somewhat niche; only Cha-based classes will ever look at this.

The only issues I can see with this are that a multiclass may not fill the prerequisite(again, no DDI) and imbalance, but honestly it seems like RAI to me.

Thanks for your feedback,

The feat was pulled in the permanent version of the article and there fore no longer exists 'officiallly'. probably for the very reasons you enumerate.
Ah, that's quite dissapointing. I had about a dozen builds running through my head with this feat.
Don't worry, 11.5 of them wouldn't have worked anyway: it was impossible to legally take Pact Blade Manifestation without being either a pure or hybrid Warlock. Multiclassing did not work.
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