Isochron Scepter + Remand

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Player A has an [C]Isochron Scepter[/C] on the battlefield with a [C]Lightning Bolt[/C] imprinted. He taps the Scepter and casts the imprinted Bolt. Player B casts a [C]Remand[/C] to counter the bolt. Does Remand's "return that spell to it's owners hand" have any impact on the Scepter?
Not on the scepter no.

The copy of lightning bolt will go to their hand, and then cease to exist.
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no, the scepter is unaffected.

the copy of Lightning Bolt will be returned to the player's hand and cease to exist shortly afterwards (when SBA are checked)
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That's what I thought (and how we played it). Thanks for the quick replies. 
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