any hope to see this in DnD Next ?

six basic stats, each ranging 1 to 10 (max 6 at 1st level)
10 godly
 9 cosmic
 8 legendary
 7 epic
 6 superb
 5 excellent
 4 good
 3 typical
 2 weak
 1 disabled

 then, stats multiply two at a time to generate 15 skills (class associated):

 Str x Dex  Intimidate (Fighter)
 Str x Con  Athletics (Barbarian)
 Str x Int  Dungeoneering (Ranger) 
 Str x Wis Healing (Cleric) 
 Str x Cha Streetwise (Paladin)
 Dex x Con Stealth (Ninja)
 Dex x Int Diplomacy - Bluff (Illusionist)
 Dex x Wis Acrobatics (Monk)
 Dex x Cha Thievery (Thief)
 Con x Int  Insight (Psionicist ??)
 Con x Wis Endurance (The Brute)
 Con x Cha Nature lore - Perception (Druid)
 Int x Wis Arcana lore (ArchMage)
 Int x Cha History (Bard)
 Wis x Cha Religion (The Ruler)
in lieu of multiplying stats , one can come with adding stats two at a time;

we can add to this total a bonus based on the highest of the six stats:

suppose a first level character with 6 STR, 4 DEX, 2 CON, 5 INT, 2 WIS 2 CHA : max stat is 6 STR;

Intimidate would therefore be of 6 (STR) + 4 (DEX) + 6 (BASE) =16
Endurance 2 (CON) + 2 (WIS) + 6 (BASE) = 10 
I'm going to guess it would just be you who wants to get rid of the 3-18 Ability score system in return for what you describe.
looks like the Everway system. WoTC tried marketing that game, it failed. Pretty though.

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Options are Liberating

My answer to this is pretty much the same as to any posts that suggest changing the actual Abilties (Str, Con, Dex, Int, Wis, Cha).

NO . If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

The Ability Scores is one of those classic elements of D&D that has worked well throughout the editions. In fact so well that we can easily convert characters from one edition to another (at least in its 'core' ability), with the slight exception of 18% Strengths of AD&D 2E.

Some of us old school D&Ders who for some time 'lived by those ability scores) take it to the extent where we can take a 'character' from just about any fantasy literature and associate the appropriate ability scores.

I think the rule can feel a bit redundent if all we do with it is convert it to modifiers (ex: 12 is +1). But if D&D can build on rules where that 12 is actually mechanically worth something without converting it into a modifier, then it would be better.

For example:

Con score = Damage Threshold
Con score = Starting Hit Point

Hopefully not.


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