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A good character concept used to mean as much to me as good stats, but since most of my gaming experiences come from organized these days, the opportunity to immerse myself in a character seems to occur less and less often.  The LFR group I play tends to rush through the roleplaying opportunities in modules because they want to get to the combat encounters and then go out to eat.

What are some techniques I can use to roleplay my character during organized play without irritating the other people at the table too much or dragging the game, or at least dragging the game as they would see it?

Giving a character a trademark phrase or affecting a slight accent is obvious, but I'd like to do somethng more.  Maybe if I start having fun roleplaying my characters it would encourage some of the other people I game with to follow suit.
Well if your group doesn't like to rp much, my first suggestion is to look for a different group that does.

That being said, the only thing you can do is just rp your character every chance you get.  I mean if you're deliberating say going off on your own when the group reaches a town so that way you can try rping some stuff while the rest of the group is sticking to business say going to the wizard's guild to continue the mission, yeah that's going to irritate the group.  But if you all come to a city and you DM does what ours does most of the time which is ask what we're all doing, thus giving us a chance to rping anything we want, then take advantage of it and go do stuff you're character would do whether it's getting drunk at a bar, checking with the town guard for any criminals you could maybe hunt down, etc etc.

In terms of rping in battle, I tend to see that as not likely happening.  Now that being said one of our current games my character actually does rp during combat because it's part of the character.  My character is a Wild sorcerer, but I have it so every time I roll for my elemental resistance it makes a certain emotion or personality dominant.  Basically my character is nuts, like when I roll for fire he because aggressive, or radiant he's REALLY helpful and nice, sometimes he's aloof, other times boastful, etc etc.  Normally that's mainly for out of combat but I've also developed certain ways I play in combat depending on his personality.  Like when he's really aggressive under fire he'll charge right into battle(he uses daggers so can cast in melee with the feat).  Have yet to be aggressive when there's a combat though...which makes me sad.  When he's really scared he doesn't really fight unless he has to and when he does he tends to start by blasting with his dailies(think like a terrified reaction), then go to encounters, then at wills.  When he's cold and aloof he tends to only fight for himself and will only help the other team members if there isn't a threat to himself.  Oh and when he's under the childlike personality he tends to only use at wills.  When he's boastful I'll chuckle and exclaim how awesome I am, as well as shout support to the group while battling, stuff like that.

So basically you need to just look at your character and see if there's anything about the character that you can bring forward during combat.  Otherwise you'll just have to rp as much as possible when you can.  And while it may be that your group might become more open to rping if they see you doing it, I have a feeling I wouldn't count on it.  If they haven't had any desire to rp up till now personally speaking I doubt they'll really change.  Sounds like they're just the type of group that just wants to go through combat after combat.     
My Psion in LFR thinks he is the gods gift to everyone.

Everyone is his biggest fan!  And he knows it!  He is quick to point it out to anyone he talks to, especially if they are asking favors of him.

"Well, of course!  For my biggest fan, I will do this!"

During combat, he castises the bad guys.  "You are not my biggest fan!" etc.

He's a shaper psion, so when he produces his Shaped Consciousness, he actively talks from both squares at once ... at anyone nearby.  I played him in one mod at a convention and when he started doing this, the DM was like "Don't hold up the combat with that garbage!"

I said that my character talking to himself does not hold up combat.   After all, it's not every day that you get to proclaim yourself as your biggest fan!
My suggestion is read a lot of fight scenes, describe your every skill check and every attack, if you miss by one describe it, soon enough those litle descriptions will bleed out into the rest of the game as other players pick up on it. you can even cheat and give other players your own GP for their excelent skill in combat even though you are not the GM or heal them first. If people give gruff say "I didnt see you *actions as another player described it*"
While I love Demetri's suggestion I think it falls more in line with great story telling than RP.  For novice role playing quirky behavior works great as you've already identified and as Alitain gave a sample of.  Voices fall into this category too.

In combat this level of RPing can work but usually only if you're playing a very extreme or quirky character.  For a more subtle or nuanced character it can be tough.

My suggestion would be think of RPing a little bit deeper than just being quirky behavior or having conversations in a tavern.  Instead, think of RPing as adopting the mentality of your character and at all times acting as your character would act.  By definition this is what role playing really is and this can absolutely happen even in situations where there is non-stop 100% combat.

For example, maybe you're playing a very tactically minded character that typically always tries to set up for flanking and never over extends his positioning relative to the party.  However, part of his back story is that his family was torn apart by werewolves and that he has been harboring a festering swell of hatred for Lycanthropes for the last 15 years.  So when confronted with Lycanthropes he goes berserk and charges straight in regardless of the tactical situation.

Or perhaps your character has an over developed sense of chivalry and so will only attack female humanoids with non-lethal damage and will put himself into more risky situations in order to defend females (which by the way could be exploited by a skilled DM and could lead to a tremendous RP/Combat situation.

So yes, quirkiness can be a lot of fun and is a simple way to add some RP into combat heavy games.  However, you'll find a lot more opportunity for RP regardless of the game focus if you can assume the personality of your character and act only as they would.
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