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I am working on an epic gestalt character. I want one half to be an initiator and the other a caster or psion. I haven't played 3.5 in a while and need some help. My current idea is a Warblade/Beguiler lesser tiefling using my spells to set up my maneuvers.
Initiator/manifester combos generally are more...harmonius with each other, especially Warblades and Swordsages with the Diamond Mind discipline, since most strikes from that style need Concentration successful checks to work properly.  Add the take 15 aspect of a Psionic Focus...  Another good reason is the feat Psionic Renewal, which allows you to expend your focus and spend power points equal to the level of the recently used maneuver to get it back instantly.  A piece of advice, grab the D.M. maneuvers that use the Concentration result in place of Will and Reflex saves, as those will be weak points in this build that can easily be fixed.

On the Warblade side, I would stay in the class from 1-20.  Most of the TOB PrCs' simply don't advance the base Maneuvers enough to make taking levels in them worthwhile anyway, while there are far more options on the psionic side of things.  Oddly enough, Master of 9 post-epic would be your best bet for a Prestige Class.  It gives you access to all nine of the TOB styles, but at a high cost of feats.  Psychic Warrior, due to the bonus feats it gives, may help with that problem, in addition to the Warblade bonus feats.  My recomendation would be to get some Shadow Hand strikes, particularly Five Shadow Creeping Ice Enervation Strike, Shadow Blink, and One with Shadow (Shadow Hand maneuvers also run off of Wisdom, giving this character a bit more synergy).  Desert Wind and Devoted Spirit (particularly Immortal Fortitude) are other helpful choices.

On the manifester side of the equation, you have a few choices.  Psion gives you a great deal of powers to choose from, while Psychic Warrior can help you qualify for Mo9 faster, Ardent can give you access to abilites that no other class does through its Mantels, and Lurk boosts Reflex and Will in addition to a host of special abilities.  On the PrC front, Illithid Slayer might be good, as would Warmind (though it has its own seperate Power progression), Elocater helps as well.  There are probably other helpful PrCs you might like, but these are just the ones off of the top of my head.

If you can buy off L.A.'s, getting the Phrenic Template from XPH (which I think has an errataed +2 L.A.) would definately be worth your while, as would starting with a race that has a bonus free feat like human.  Also, check out Magic of Incarnum and Dragon Magic for feats, powers, and Soulmelds that might help you. 

Please keep in mind that I am not an expert in either Psionics or the 9 disciplines, but there are a few bits of knowledge I can tell you, in addition to my opinions.  If all else fails, search for various TOB related handbooks, TOB for Dummies (sp?) among them.

A couple of questions I have for you are: how high level-wise are you planning on going, what alignment are you, what books are allowed/banned, can you use Dragon/Dungeon magazines, what are the other players in your group playing as?  The answers to these and more can help me help you better.
Thanks for the ideas. I have no clue what level we are going to. I have access to all Wizards books as well as Dragon. Also no level buy off. My groups is definitly not the best character optimizers. We have a fighter/ghost faced killer, a bard with melee, and a factotem build. I was thinking after reading maybe an egoist and tank as a warblade. Take damage and heal or return it when it gets too much. Unfortunately I am not a fan of the Master of Nine. Too many prereqs and not enough payoff. I have thought several times about going into the Eternal Blade but I don't want to lose con to keep my casting or manifesting above par. My girlfriend is also wanting to play. She wants to do something rogue based and I was thinking rogue/warblade because or the bang for buck and I can easily teach her how to run warblade.
I've played a gestalt warblade//egoist and it worked fairly well.  Warblade and psion go together fairly well since you have a lot of Int synergy between the two classes.  Since you don't have any other healers in the party (unless you count the bard) I would probably go with that.  An egoist should be able to handle a decent amount of damage if you use the right powers.
Just elaborating, since I'm not sure how familiar you are with psionics: the "right powers" involve the Psicrystal Affinity feat combined with Vigor and Share Pain; supplemental powers include Damp Power (Complete Psionic) or Intellect Fortress, which can help a lot on the really big spell hits. Here's an example at level 6.

A level 6 warblade//egoist with, oh, let's say 14 Constitution should have 6d12+12 HP (56.5, so let's say 56). His psicrystal will have half of that (28) and Hardness 8, which unlike DR works against all kinds of damage unless that damage specifically bypasses hardness. You manifest Share Pain, from yourself, targeting your psicrystal - incoming damage is now reduced by half, and the half that doesn't hit you goes to your psicrystal. You also manifest, say, Vigor at 6pp, gaining 30 temporary HP and Sharing it with your psicrystal for another 30 temporary HP.

Let's say your BBEG's tough guy at this point is a 7th level blaster character who fires off a basic Scorching Ray your way. This would deal 8d6 damage to you normally (28 damage) if both rays hit. Instead, it gets cut in half from share pain, sending 14 to you and 14 to your crystal. The crystal's hardness applies, reducing its damage to 6. You're left with 16 temporary HP and your crystal is left with 24 temporary HP, without a single "real" hit point lost.

 You can begin to manifest other Share Pains from the party to you or your psicrystal and back it up with a Damp Power or Intellect Fortress to all but nullify incoming spell damage as well. And if the temp HP run low, a quick Vigor can top it back up again.

You lose a lot of power points this way, but that's where gestalt comes in - you're also a full warblade on the side, with a few other long-duration buffs available to you. 

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Seishi: I think it might be fun to have a one-off [game] tuned fairly, but with the intention of wiping the party. 

DisposableHero_: if [my campaign] has taught me nothing else, it is that with this group, nothing tuned fairly will ever wipe the party

RadicalTaoist: I've been throwing **** at this group that's 5 levels over CRed in DFN, and have yet to wipe the party.

Even a simple empathic transfer combined with vigor is fairly efficient if you're not blocking the damage at the source.  (Which the range on share pain can make problematic in some battles.)
I have thought several times about going into the Eternal Blade but I don't want to lose con to keep my casting or manifesting above par.

There are several elven subraces that don't have a con penalty.

  • Arctic Elf: -2 str, +2 dex; Unearthed Arcana pg. 9

  • Desert Elf: -2 str, +2 dex; Unearthed Arcana pg. 12

  • Painted Elf: +2 dex, -2 int; Sandstorm pg. 42

  • Snow Elf: +2 dex, -2 cha; Frostburn pg. 34

  • Wild Elf: +2 dex, -2 int, ; Monster Manual pg. 104

  • Kagonesti: +2 dex, -2 int, -2 cha; Dragonlance Campaign Setting pg. 18

There are two +0 LA templates to boost con.

  • Arctic: +2 con, -2 cha; Dragon 306 – 61

  • Dragonborn of Bahamut: +2 con, -2 dex; Races of the Dragon 5

If your DM will let you play a dragonborn arctic snow elf, your ability adjustments will be +4 con, -4 cha.

My girlfriend is also wanting to play. She wants to do something rogue based and I was thinking rogue/warblade because or the bang for buck and I can easily teach her how to run warblade.

Some ideas along those lines:

  • Warblade//beguiler: Trading rogue for beguiler (Player's Handbook II) gives you espionage-themes spells instead of sneak attack.

  • Warblade//factotum/chameleon: Factotum (Dungeonscape) and chameleon (Races of Destiny) are both themed on imitating anyone. Excellent for a spy.

  • Warblade//feat rogue: Feat rogue (Unerthed Arcana) gives you feats instead of sneak attack. She'll still be sneaky, but her combat style won't rely on catching enemies off-guard.

  • Swordsage//sneak attack fighter: Swordsage can be rogue-like with its skills and shadow hand maneuvers. Sneak attack fighter (Unearthed Arcana) overlaps less with swordsage than rogue does.

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