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Metamorphosis Alpha was the first science fantasy RPG and was the precursor to Gamma World way back in the day. In fact, the same developer wrote both: James M. Ward. There is currently a Kickstarter project for a new edition of Metamorphosis Alpha. I thought some of you here might be interested (especially since it seems Gamma World has gone into hibernation once again).

I think he should put out a free pdf of the main basic rules first to give us an idea how the system works. I'm just talking mechanics wise.
I finally got onboard with the MA 5E kickstart.

The irony, to me, is that it was originally supposed to be based on the D&D 4E rules system and I thought that would make the new MA a hard-sell since it might be too similar to the new Gamma World product line.

Now GW is dead and MA 5E is based on a new set of mechanics. Guess there isn't a direct competition any more, eh?

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