Taking the mind blade and sticking it somewhere else.

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So I'm sure the concept has been done plenty of times, but I've been thinking of a way to giving the mind blade to someone else (particularly the psychic rogue. The flavor of the two just meshes so darn well.).

However, part of the problem is the horrible progression on the mind blade as is. Another part of the problem is all the awkwardness surrounding throw mind blade. So what I was thinking was a progression more along the lines of this:

1. Mind blade, Throw Mind Blade
4. +1 mind blade
5. Mind blade enhancement +1 (Free Draw, Shape mind blade)
7. +2 mind blade
8. Mind blade enhancement +2
10.+3 mind blade
11. Mind blade enhancement +3
13.+4 mind blade
14.Mind blade enhancement +4
16.+5 mind blade
17.Mind blade enhancement +5

Changes: Throw mind blade no longer has a limit, effectively giving it multiple throw from the beginning.
Shape mind blade no longer applies a penelty for weilding 2 short swords/only applies a penelty to one of them?
Expanded enhancement list at DM's disgression.

I'm not seeing anything that leaps out as overpowered. Maybe have shape mind blade as a seperate feat with +2 BaB as a prereq or something. Any fine tuning you guys think it needs, or would this work fairly well as a balanced option? Its mostly for flavor reasons, as the mind blade isn't much better than traditional weaponry in most cases, and strictly worse in others.