A&A G40 Altantic Convoy/ Candian Bank

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OK so there's been a lot of talk in Apla 3+ forum about convoy zones in the mid Atlantic. The general feeling is the chips are stack against the Axis in Europe and America is in the war too quickly with it's boosted income. The focus mostly has been on SZ's 117,118,107,108 as UK Sea Zones causing convoy damage to the UK European Economy in an effort to simulate the navy war in mid Atlantic on Allied shipping. Also delay America's entry into the war as the spend some time hunting subs in the Atlantic. But for awhile now we've been house ruling the use of a Canadian Bank. The income generated from Canadian territories must be spent in the Industrial Complex in Canada. The UK can still spend its own cash to produce units in Canada but it can't spend any IPC's in the Candian bank outside of Canada. Lastly the UK can continue to collect income and purchase new units in the event of the loss of London using the Candian Bank. But as before only Canadian territories provide income and all such income must be spent in Canada. We play the SZ's 117,118,107,108 as Allied Conzoy Zones in which a maxium of 3 IPC's may me deducted per SZ, against either the American or UK Europe's cash on hand. The Allied players choose  IPC damage paid by either the US of the UK, either power could pay part of the IPC convoy damage, all or none. Convoy attacks in these sea zones do not provoke a state of war between the US and the Axis in Europe. Also at the start of the game I still give Germany their bonus IPC income for defeating the Dutch last round. Lastly french transport in SZ 72 they need to get around some how though it would take a great deal of cordination. I was toying with SZ 109. IDK? We've also tried delaying US Russian entry into the war by one round helps Axis on both sides. What ya think?