Angelicas and Celestial Objects

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So Goldnight stands for the Sun, Alabaster for the Moon, and Host of Herons for what exactly? And if Avacyn stands in for the moon, isn't it redundant to have Bruna as another lunar deity?

As a side note, I've taken to call stereotypical female angels "angelicas". It makes more sense than lumping them with the biblical multi-winged, multi-faced horrors. 
To be fair, the leaders of the flights aren't deities.
Avacyn is the deity, they are more like high priests dedicated to aspects of Avacyn.
And if you want to get technical, Herons are also attached to lunar significance.
I don't think the three flights are meant to each represent a separate celestial object. They do seem to line up conveniently with the three nonblack colors other than white, as their leaders' cards demonstrate. But I don't think there are meant to be any patterns in them other than that.
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I'm pulling this out of nowhere and it has nothing like fact attached to it, but it cannot be disproven without breaking the fourth wall, and this is going to be my headcanon because it makes perfect sense. I posit [Tamiyo, the Moon Sage] writes the Planeswalker's Guides to planes.
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Well, there's certainly a seasonal pattern, since the Host of Herons is associated with the New Moon and the Goldnight with the Harvest Moon, leaving the Alabaster to the Hunter's Moon or whatever.

Maybe the Host of Herons and the Alabaster both represent the Moon? It would make sense, specially because and are 's allies, and Avacyn and most moon spells are both pure ...

That would leave the aligned Goldnight to represent the Sun, as dictated in the Innistrad guide.
Goldnight strikes me as an exception. Avacyn herself is associated with the moon, and so are all her followers, except for Flight Goldnight, which is associated with the sun.

But yeah, heron and moon symbology go hand in hand on Innistrad.
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