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I'm going to make a striker for our group, and I've several ideas that I can't decide between, so I'd like to know which would work best with the rest of the party. We're all pretty much beginners (and our DM is DM'ing for the first time). 

I'm interesting in playing one of these:
* Avenger
* Warlock (either fey or infernal, not sure which)
* Rogue
* Sorcerer
* Assassin (not really sure about this one, I've only looked at it very briefly)

I'm interested in the Warlock and Sorcerer because they're arcane and ranged, and Avenger and Rogue because they seem to require some tactical planning and thinking, which feels more fun to me than just running in and chopping heads off (like a barbarian). 

The rest of the party looks like this: 
* ranger (focusing on ranged attacks)
* fighter
* Paladin
* Druid
* Bard

I'm thinking that the Sorcerer would probably be best, since there aren't any other characters in the party that are good at AOE. But I'm actually more interested Avenger, Warlock or Rogue, and a little curious about the assassin. So I'm just kind of wondering how good they'd be, and why.
I would say rogue would be a top choice, since you already have a ranged striker and have several PCs you can flank with. 

Sorcerer would work well for helping with AOE and can do both close and ranged.

Warlock would be a good choice for more control through debuffs and warlocks are the most fun out of all the strikers you listed in my experience.

Avenger a lot of time tends towards off defender at high levels, which your group doesn't really need, bit can put out real consistent damage.

Which assassin are you talking about?  the assassin from dragon mag has a lot of problems, but the executioner can be decent.
I'm really interested in the Warlock because it seems to have so much "fluff", that makes it fun to play. Though I've heard it's supposed to be pretty weak on the striker front, which is what made me start looking at the other classes as well. 

Regarding the assassin, I just read about it in the dragon magazine. Haven't really given it much thought though, so I don't really think I'm going to choose that one. 
You can make a infernal warlock that is decent damage dealer with Hellish Rebuke from what I understand.  Warlocks IME work well as lurkers with decent damage and good single target control.  I am not an expert on warlocks or anything and have only played a halfling feylock from 1-3 so there are probably tons of ways to make a warlock into a decent damage that I don't know about, probably revolving around Eldritch Strike since its one of the best at will attacks.

My feylock was one of the least damaging strikers I have seen, but was super mobile and had good debuffs: witchfire was giving enemies a -5 to their attacks, eyebite was making me invisible to the target, and otherwind stride was immobilizing in a close burst and letting me teleport.  It was fun to play and definitely contributed.
Might I suggest the assassin (executioner)  over the regular assassin since its a bit easier to play but still has loads of flavor and ability. there's also the big bonus of being able to access a wealth of martial feats and powers without the need to multiclass.

Right Now I'm playing an Avenger in my main game and he's at lvl 7 and I can crit multiple times a session just because of how often you role. It is true that you have to off tank a bit but thats not so much for the party as your own surviveability since regardless of build you will often be alone and not supported by the party's defender.  I'm playing a retro-venger which is bases a has a lot of powers that discourage enemies other than your oath from attacking you whereas the pursuit avenger is about making enemies willfully runand then chasing them down. Avenger also has a lot of multiclass options (mine is an MC invoker, but mc fighter is common and MC rogue would definitely work for a pursuit avenger). The Avenger also has some controller aspects to his attacks which are quite nice (overwhelming strike, shatter the formation, etc.).
looking at your party -- 1 striker, 2 healers, 2 defenders, what you really need is a true controller with buffs and AOE damage, Human wizard with 3 at wills and packing staff defenses can hold their own nicely.  alternately, a Psion or Invoker has a very blasterish feel to it.
They have a druid for controller already.  I don't think a blaster wizard or invoker would be a bad idea though if he is insterested in one.
I went with a rogue!

We had our session yesterday, and it worked out pretty well. Dealth lots of damage, and worked really well with our defenders Pretty high accuracy, too; I didn't miss on a single attack roll, which was sweet, though probably a bit of luck, too. 
Getting CA from flanking and whatnot will certainly do that. Glad we could throw some suggestions at you.
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