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Can an instant like Giant Growth be played after Silence even if it does not counter Silence? I mean immediately after with the idea of going on the stack? It seems rather useless if another can be cast immediately after.
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Yes, any player can play Giant Growth (or any other instant) in response to Silence. This doesn't make the Silence useless, but it does make it a bit trickier to exploit correctly.
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Yes, Silence has no effect until it resolves.  While it is on the stack the opponent can still cast spells.  They could even counter silence so that they can continue to cast spells durning the rest of their turn.
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It is usually easier to understand Silence if you understand why and when it is normally used. Examples include:

1) during your opponent's Upkeep (the first time during their turn you can do anything). This stops them casting Sorceries, Artifacts, Planeswalkers, Enchantments or Creature spells that turn. While they can respond with Instants, they havent even had a chance to draw a card yet this turn.

2) before you want to cast an important spell. First, you cast Silence. If they counter it, then that leaves them less able to counter your important spell. If they dont counter it, you wait for it to resolve and then cast your important spell - and they cant even try to use a counterspell against it.

3) in response to a Cascade trigger. Normally Cascade gives your opponent a free spell, but if you cast Silence in response to the trigger, they only get the first spell, not the free one. Best of all, they wont even know that they are only getting the first spell until after they have committed to using it that turn.

4) in response to your opponent using a spell or ability that will give them mana to cast something later on, which isnt actually a mana ability. You cannot respond to your opponent tapping a Forest or a Llanowar Elves for mana, but you can respond to them activating an Arid Mesa, or using Koth's (-2) ability, or to them activating a Arbor Elf

Silence does have limitations (its not a counter spell, it can be responded to, it doesnt do anything until (and unless) it resolves), but it does have quite potent uses - if you know how to get the most from it.

~ Tim 

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Not bad. But what happens flavor wise when one kamahl kills the other one?
Zis iz a sign uf deep psychological troma, buried in zer subconscious mind. By keelink himzelf, Kamahl iz physically expressink hiz feelinks uf self-disgust ova hiz desire for hiz muzzer. [/GermanPsychologistVoice]
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That makes no sense to me. If they spelled the ability out on the card in full then it would not be allowed in a mono-black Commander deck, but because they used a keyword to save space it is allowed? ~ Tim
Yup, just like you can have Birds of paradise in a mono green deck but not Noble Hierarch. YAY COLOR IDENTITY
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Is algebra really that difficult?
Survey says yes.
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You want to make a milky drink. You squeeze a cow.
I love this description. Like the cows are sponges filled with milk. I can see it all Nick Parks claymation-style with the cow's eyes bugging out momentarily as a giant farmer squeezes it like a squeaky dog toy, and milk shoots out of it.
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And no judge will ever give you a game loss for playing snow covered lands.
I now have a new goal in life. ;)
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