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I'm looking for item enchants granting Fire/Radiant damage to attacks. The only one I can find is the "Sunblade" enchant but it's only for heavy weapons (I'm looking for Light Blades). The contridiction is that the "Frost" enchant is for any weapon but gives all damage, whilst the "Flaming" is for untyped damage only. WHY? Also I can't find radiant damage for light weapons, starting at lower levels (3-9).

Anyone able to help me out? Or tell me why there's a difference between the Flaming/Frost enchants.

Sunblade, all damage becomes radiant (heavy weapons).

Flaming, all untyped damage becomes fire (any weapon).

Frost, all damage becomes frost (any weapon).

Because they're different magical enchantments.  That's why there's a difference.

Though I could've sworn there was a fire equivalent of the Frost enchantment but I haven't had need of it so I'm not sure.  Though looking at the PH the Flaming weapon is the exact same as the Frost so either you're reading it wrong, or more likely they changed that particular enchantment in a stupid errata that Wizards has been known for with 4th. 
They errated the Flaming Weapon with the release of the DM's kit.  It only works on Untyped damage - probably to cope with the Pyromancer Mage's ability to do silly things with the Fire damage type.

However, it will not harm your game in the slightest to allow the Flaming enchant to work on any damage type.
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