[Bakersfield, CA] Avacyn Restore PRE Release Ironman Challenge Paladins Game Castle

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Avacyn Restored

If you register for this event it covers you on all the other events, otherwise you do not have to register also on the other events.

Do you have what it takes! We shall see…..

Do you consider yourself a serious Magic Player?
Now you will have the chance to prove it and save money and possibly win big prizes!
This is what you need to do……
Play in all 6 Scheduled Events from Friday to Sunday 

If you play in all six events, all rounds, you will receive $25.00 store credit.

The person who has the highest match points after all the events will also receive their choice of a FULL box of Boosters

Why would I do this? – Well for the price of a box you will receive 32 packs that you open and use to play with during the events. During each of those events you have the chance to win more packs or random prizes. And then finally you will get one of those events free when we give you $25.00 back and the chance to win another full box!
So lets say if you 4 – 0 in each event and win the Iron man you would spend $130.00 on entry fees but get back $512.00 in packs and prizes.

If there is a tie in match points for 1st place, we will have a store sponsored pack war to determine the winner!


If you choose the option to pay in store you must pay within TWO Days of registering on the website.