Which edition of D&D was this?

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A long, long, long, long time ago (before the wind, and before the snow).... sometime in the early to mid '80s to be precise...

One of my first acquisitions in D&D books was a set of softcover leather-bound volumes, there were 4 or 6 of them (guessing, might have been as many as 8 even), each were a different color, and each covered a single class or race. I was already gaming by then, up to second edition rules... I believe they were either original, basic, or possibly first edition AD&D.

They were actually my first introduction to roleplaying, a friend who lived across the street from me owned them . . . I never did play with him, but I read them at his house and imagined playing this wonderful game; then years later (after he'd decided he didn't like gaming) he dug them out of his closet and put them in a a garage sale; but by the time I bought them, I had already been gaming a while and gone from AD&D through to 2nd edition. I just had to have them because they were gorgeous books, and were (in a way) my first experience with an RPG.

Sadly these were lost in my past, along with a plethora of other books I considered to be valuable... a long and involved sob story.

I have, once or twice over the past couple of decades, casually searched to see if I could find a set and acquire them again. But I don't remember exactly what they were.

I do remember they were shorter than a standard RPG book back then, about the height of a standard hardcover. And about twice as thick as most RPG books - again about as thick as a standard hardcover novel. But the covers were leather, with gold leaf embossing. Each cover was colored differently, I do remember (or I think I remember) the elf's book was a green, and there was also a red volume, a blue volume, and a brown volume... not sure what the other colors were.

Hopefully someone else has had (or seen) them and knows what they were. Or maybe even has some for sale...

Sounds like the Class Handbooks of 2E.
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Possibly, but I don't think so. I remember the class handbooks as all being leather-like (but not leather), the same size as normal RPG books (3 or 4" taller and about half as thick or thinner), and all a maroon/brown color.

These were actual leather bound, shorter and thicker (about the size of a standard hardcover novel - not hardcover RPG book), and multicolored. And I am fairly certain they were OD&D or 1E. It is possible they were 2nd, but I don't think so.
There were Complete Handbook Series and off shoots of Castles, Ships, etc.  But later than 80's  early 90's (TSR) came out with Encyclopia of Magica which were brown, blue, green, and red leather bound volumes of magic items.  A similar series was released along that time that had volumes of Wizard Spells and Priest Spells.  They came out in the later stages of 2nd Edition but were usable for 1st and 3rd Edition without much work.
I know it wasn't complete hanbooks series - nor wwas it just spells. And the first time I encountered them was at the latest '85, and probably closer to '83 (of course it was nearly '90 by the time I bought them from him)...

You sure it wasn't something like this?

Dammit.  It doesn't show up. 
Go to Amazon and look up "Complete Guide to Gnomes & Halflings".  You'll find a 2e AD&D with a purple cover pictured.
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Well, Second Edition didn't come out until 1989, so if you encountered this by 85 at the latest I don't think it was AD&D or Basic.

In OD&D, all the material came in little pamphlets similar to war games.

In AD&D, there were the hardback books and thin cardboard modules and a few softback supplements.

In Basic, the game came in boxes with a few cardboard modules and one or two softcovers.

The only leather bound product I can think of that TSR produced for either line would be the 2e Encyclopedia Magica.

You sure you weren't playing another game? It sounds like you must have.
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