MTG DOTP 2012 PSN i cant get the expansions to show up...

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I have treis many differnt things and cant get my expansion decks to show up i have done things like redownload and have called in at least 3 times but no one so far has been able to help me. Please if some one has any ideas post them...
This probably isnt the appropriate forum to post this in and with so little information, I cannot even tell you where you might get a quicker/better answer

Like I've said above, we'd need a LOT more information to help you out. Xbox, ps3 or steam? What happen, how did it happen, what did you do step by step (oh baby) and anything else that might be useful for us to know if we want to help you out.
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it happened on ps3 or should i say didn't happen i hit download and nothing happend...
So the step by step of what i did:
1.) downloaded the demo
2.) downloaded the full game unlock
3.) downloaded the decks but nothing happend
i have also treid downloading the decks before and after every step also i have reste my ps3.. the last thing i tried was reactiving it.
Having the same problem.  Using PS3, downloaded the add on, to get all the extra decks.  Install then.  None of them show up in the game.   Nice. 
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