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So, I've been catching up on my webcomic reading recently, and one of the webcomics I've been reading is Chimneyspeak (not going to link, as it is very NSFW, mind you. Very bloody, Fairly sexually explicit, and did I mention very bloody?), and It got my mind rolling, and it got me to start thinking of characters I could make just from the appearances of the characters, and any images I could pilfer. In the end, the only background I really liked was one made from Chelsea Grinn's appearance. Here is one of the only pages I can find which doesn't violate WotC's terms of service, and shows Chelsea in any any detail.

[Name]'s father was a member of the City Guard, who was conscripted to fight in the war, when she was just a couple years old. His battalion came into battle with the Hellions, a Mercinary regiment, who pride themselves on their brutality and use fear as a weapon. They killed her father and the rest of the battalion, and the priest of their ranks cast gentle repose on the corpses, and sent them back to the towns of the dead, mutilated beyond belief, but not rotting.

This drove [Name]'s Mother to a deep deep depression, which drove her to throw herself off the temple steeple. [Name], left an orphan was adopted by a moderately wealthy household, where she became a servant girl, though she was treated moreso as a daughter.

On a late night, when she was 17, she left to go to a bar, where she was hit on by an illegitimate son of a low ranking noble. When she spurned his advances, he tried to fight her, but the Bartender didn't take a liking to that, and kicked him out. When [Name] left the bastard son assaulted her, alongside a couple ruffians and ne'er-do-wells, who scar her and **** her. She fights back, and stabs into the eye of the bastard son, gouging it out.

The case goes to the Magistrate of the Town. [Name] explains how the bastard son attacked her with the other men, and she attacked him back in self defense. The bastard son however, argued that he knew none of the supposed men who attacked her, and he saw her cut, and bleeding, and offered his help, but she lashed out in a mad rage, and attacked him. While the evidence was on her side, the bastard son had a substantial sum of cash from his noble heritage, which he used to pay off the Magistrate, who in turn sentenced [Name] to 5 years in prison.

While in prison, her many scars attracted a lot of... unwanted attention. Usually scars are a symbol of toughness, and toughness in prison often is met by challenges on who's tougher. It was here, where [Name] learned how to fight, building from her hate for being in there, and her hate for the bastard son, and her hate for the Magister who put her there.

Upon leaving from these 5 years in prison, [Name] became a mercenary to pay the bills; with her appearance, she could no longer be a house servant, as anyone wealthy enough to hire a house servant could not be seen in good company with a servant as scarred as her. However, whenever she has enough gold saved up to not need to take a job in order to buy food, she spends her time searching for the bastard son, the corrupt magistrate and any of the Ne'er-Do-Wells who attacked her, so she can kill them one by one.


So, yeah. I want to see where I can go with this. I'm thinking I'd go with being a Rogue, probably with Spiked Chain Proficiancy, considering her learning to fight in jail would mean she'd be skilled with more improvised jail weapons, like shivs (daggers), and weapons made from their leg irons (chains). I think she should have a high Intimidate from her scarred face being just terrifying, but I don't think she should have a high charisma, so I don't really know. If Ruthless Ruffian didn't suck, I might do that, but it does, so that's out. 

Any one else have any bright ideas? I'm thinking on stuff like Themes, feats, plans for paragon path stuff, multi-classes (assuming I don't go the spiked chain route) and anything else I'm forgetting. Thanks in advance

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 If the character was attractive before she got all scarred up, then the contrast of a beautiful face covered in scars would be absolutely striking... Pretty eyes filled with a burning vengeance would be riveting. She may not be classically atractive anymore, but you once you see her, you can't look away. If her voice is changed by the scarring (if you're going for a straight translation of the scars from the image you provided) then her cold, raspy whisper comes forth with a conviction that implies she's not about to be trifled with or suffer fools lightly (or at all).


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