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Hey, just recently I have gained access to the beta of RPG Virtual Tabletop from wizards and decided to get back into the D&D scene. After looking around it dawned on me, how was I going to go about finding other people online that want to play D&D via the RPG virtual tabletop. Is there such a place where people can hook up and form groups? This has never really been a problem for me before because up until now I've only done Pen and paper RPG's face to face with people at a local gaming shop, but now that I want to try it online I am at a loss. I did search a bit on the forums and do see that people post threads where people are building groups, but those are sort of hit and miss, and spead out thin as there is no dedicated area for them, as far as I know.

So if you guys have any tips or places I could go I would greatly appreciate your help. Also I only mentioned the RPG virtual tabletop software, but I am not specificly restricted to that format, as long as it is still an online group, if that makes any sense.
When you are in the "tools" section and the virtual tabletop area there is a link to the "beta forums" and "beta group". That is where people advertise for games.
Thanks for the info, unfortunatly I believe the beta group is only accessable for those who are subbed to the insider, which I am not. I was given my key by a good friend of mine to play with.

Guess I'll keep lookin around!
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