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Really? Come on this is pushing it with cheese. I am putting in my app to wizards now for name development.
Sorry wrong thread for this.....leaves to burn down a house or something...

.....please be fake.

This has to be alt art for killing wave.....right? I just dont see both being printed in the same set....I would love this as side board action in my zombies deck but....that name is just leaving a bad sticky taste in my mouth.
This is verified over at MTGsalvation, so I presume it's not fake.

EDIT:  This is no longer verified at MTGsalvation, I don't know what I presume >.> 
this is the artwork for tonights spoiler too....

Pretty similar art to Killing Wave plus flying hate in black makes me think fake.
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Also, i think the quote at the bottom would say liliana vess at the the end. Most non creature cards with quotes have the name of who it came from.
It was confirmed as fake.  The card number (107) doesn't fit as Griselbrand is 106 and there has to be a "Harvester of Souls" (an intro pack rare) in there somewhere.

Also, it's Wizards of the Coast LLC, not LCC.

Anyway, visually well done fake, but still fake. Black hosing fliers? Another black sweeper with the same cost? Sorry, no deal.

Yay so I do have a reason for staying up tonight after all. Cool
Fake, but good flavor text.
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Please tell me I am not the only one that thought of this when reading the name, is.gd/DultYN
Guys this is clearly the incredibly illusive Black Hurricane.
Even if killing wave was never spoiled, horrorcane is too awful of a name to be real.
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