Grand Prix Trial Minneapolis Grand Prize Air Fare from Los Angeles (GPT April 14th 1:00 pm)

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We would like to invite you to the Minneapolis Grand Prix Trial on Saturday April 14th @ Hi De Ho Comics.

Start Time is 1:00 pm

Format is: :Standard.

Cost: $12.50 (Includes, entry to tournament, light lunch, either 1 booster pack or entry into the booster pack side pot)

Prizes to the top 4 will be awarded based on final attendance:

Grand Prize: 3 round buy to Grand Prix Minneapolis, and (32+ players $150 air fare* reimbursement, 48+ players $250 reimbursement, 64 or more players $300 reimbursement)

We have made some advancements per all the feedback we have received;

Things you can expect at our GPT.

#1 We will have a clock which everyone can see the round time.

#2 We will serve lunch again.

#3 The cost remains the same @ $12.50

#4 We have upgraded the seating so a majority of the tables now feature 29" versus 24" width to give more room for playmats.

#5 We have increased the gaming area so there is overall much more leg and elbow room.

We certainly hope to see you on Saturday, please invite anyone you know who might be interested in playing in the GPT. We look forward to having another competitive and entertaining event.


Magic the Gathering  Friday (FNM)  7:00 PM & Sunday (Legacy) 1:00 Pm. Wednesday (Commander) 7:00~9:00 Experienced and New players all welcome.

*air fare reimbursements will be made to the winner in cash, when Hi De Ho is presented with a valid plane ticket to the Minneapolis GP, ticketed for the weekend of the event.

Hi De Ho Comics
1431 Lincoln Blvd

Santa Monica CA 90401

310 394 2820