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Hello all! I just recently got into Magic, and I'm not so happy with my undying event deck that I bought. I'm actually interested on working out a spirit based deck, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I wish to keep this by standard rules. I hope I'm posting in the right area! If there are any mistakes or illegal cards I used, let me know! Here are the cards I've plotted so far:

     Land (24):
Plains x10
Islands x10
Moorland Haunt x4

     Creatures (24): 
Spirits (14)
Drogskol Captain x1
Voiceless Spirit x3 
Niblis of the Breath x2
Dungeon Geists x3
Hollowhenge Spirit x2 
Battleground Geist x1
Dearly Departed  x1
Drogskol Reaver x1

Humans (10) 
Delver of Secrets / Insectile Aberration x2
Selfless Cathar x3
Doomed Traveler x3
Thraben Sentry /Thraben Militia x2

     Instant (10)
Skillful Lunge x4
Glorious Charge x4
Midnight Haunting x1
Cackling Counterpart x1

     Enchantment (2)
Bonds of Faith x1
Curse of Exhaustion x1

Chant of the Skifsang
Butcher's Cleaver

Rally the Peasants 
Phyrexian Metamorph

Geist-Honored Monk 
Angelic Overseer
Angel of Flight Alabaster
Chancellor of the Spires

T^T aw man! No replies?
You'll have better luck in the Casual Play forum below. Though the real problem is likely, that you didn't autocard your list. Nobody knows all the cards in detail by name only and very few people will make the effort to look them all up individually. You need to provide an easy means to do so, for which you can use the forum's autocard function.

To autocard: [*c]Island[*/c] without *s becomes Island.

Also, the presentation of your list can be improved further by putting the numbers in front of the cards, ordering them in their respective categories (lands, creatures, others) like you did, and then ordering them in those categories by converted mana cost. It makes groking your list so much easier.

I have started up a Draft experiment in the Limited forums. If you're interested in Draft, come and check it out.


(It will go on for many more weeks, probably until end of July)


Once again aced the Rules Advisor test (Feb 2015). (I still make mistakes now and then, but who doesn't.)


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Ah, thanks! Your reply was a lot of help.
You should probably at least use two Drogskol Captain. Having two in play will make each other hexproof therefore making your field completely untargetable. I would definately replace the Battleground Geist with it, five mana for a small flyer with a small buff is just ok compared to what the other captain can do. 

Have you considered adding something like Call to the Kindred? Great card for dropping freebies, and even better if you go with only spirit creatures. 

Mindshrieker is another great spirit that comes in handy for me. He keeps players from putting cards on top of their deck, can get really huge and cream someone if you get lucky and pull something expensive outta their deck.

I do like Mindshrieker! But after getting some advice, I wound up going a bit of a different direction. Maybe if you see a place where mindshrieker would be better, might be pretty helpful: 

     Land (24):
Plains x10
Islands x10
Moorland Haunt x4

     Creatures (19): 
Spirits (10)
Drogskol Captain x4
Niblis of the Urnx4
Geist of Saint Traft x1
Drogskol Reaver x1

Humans (8)
Doomed Traveler x4
Fiend Hunter x4

Angel (1)
Angel of flight Alabaster x1

     Instant (12)
Skillful Lunge x3
Midnight Haunting x3
Mana Leak x3
Saving Grasp x3

     Sorcery (1)
Artful Dodge x1

     Enchantment (4)
Call to the Kindred x4

Total: 60

Considering for side:
Mausoleum Guard
Cackling Counterpart
Chant of the Skifsang
Niblis of the Breath

Rally the Peasants 
Selfless Cathar

Geist-Honored Monk 
Angelic Overseer
Chancellor of the Spires
Dungeon Geists
Hollowhenge Spirit
Intangible virtue 
In most peoples opinions, spirit token decks are alot better. I built one myself and it worked out great. doomed traveler as a one drop. and then run mausoleum guards. drogskols stay.  requiem angel helps boost spirit token generation. Lingering Souls was banned but you can use midnight haunting. also you could take out the moorland haunt and run sun titan to regenerate your captains and your doomed travelers consistently. the way I ran it, I always had creatures on the field.
I agree with Astralcms, if you want to run a standard spirit deck then tokens are the way to go (though it should be noted that Lingering Souls was only banned in Block Constructed, so you can still play it in standard decks).

In addition to Lingering Souls, I might suggest using Honor of the Pure instead of Intangible Virtue.  Since all your creatures are white, this way you can boost all of them instead of just the tokens.
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