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Is it possible to throw someone once you have grappled them?
Only with specific powers (a bunch of Brawler Fighter utilities, among others) - but it would be a solid place for a page 42 stunt.
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Also, keep in mind that there is no grappled condition. The closest thing is grabbed, which does nothing but immobilize the opponent.
The magic item Gorilla Gloves grant a daily power to throw an enemy you have grabbed and deal damage, but it is otherwise a stunt as thespaceinvader suggests, and would likely be something like a push 1 or push 2 and deal minimal damage.
it would be a solid place for a page 42 stunt.

Agreed. Also, the "Move a Grabbed Target" action can sometimes suffice. Example: if you are standing next to a cliff, then moving two squares alongside the cliff should allow you to "pull" the target over the cliff.

Alternately: a "Bull Rush" could be described as a grab and throw.
Thanks everyone
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