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So I have an idea for a deck based on an old preconstructed deck I bought back in Nemesis called Replicator:

The deck basically was a sort of aggro/control hybrid, that used Howling Wolf, Skyshroud Sentinel, and Nesting Wurm with to flood your hand with cards to discard with spellshapers like Stampede Driver.  Obviously, as a precon, it wasn't very good.  But the idea was very fun and I think with Squadron Hawk out now a similar deck could be made as W/G or W/G/B.

So I know of four cards with this type of effect.  Do any more exist where when you play one you search your library for 3 more copies and put them into your hand?

What are some good discard outlets to abuse?  The first that comes to mind is Zombie Infestation but I'm sure there are better options.

I was thinking as a finisher I could have some sort of Living Death type effect to flood the board with all the creatures I've discarded.

Or perhaps I could simply have creatures that rely on a full graveyard instead of using a living death effect, like Boneyard Wurm.

Anyhow I'm just looking for some overall direction and card choices for a deck like this.  The core would be 4 of the Wolf, Sentinel, Wurm, and Hawk.  Then some sort of use for the cards in hand to discard, and some sort of use for the cards in my graveyard, rounded out with some nice removal which these colors make readily available.

Edit:  Oh another idea I had was instead of using the graveyard, I would have cards that could shuffle the graveyard back into the library to keep reusing the cards over and over again after I discard them.  Like 4 Elixir of Immortality so I'm bound to draw them over and over again and get extra life and just have an ever flowing supply of life and cards to discard.
Well, I found Wheel of Sun and Moon.  I wonder if I could combine the 16 creatures, the Wheel, and Zombie Infestation for some fun tricks.  Hmm...
Okay so far I've also found Mind Maggots that looks like an interesting option to go side-by-side Zombie Infestation as a win-condition.  I think Wild Mongrel would be a fine generic beater for the deck that could use the cards well.  Vampire Hounds looks good, but I think I'll pass as I'll simply have to many creatures at that point.  I was debating Saproling Cluster as a 1-of or 2-of.  Lastly, I think the idea should end with some sort of mass pump spell to finish with lots of small creatures.  Maybe just ol Stampede Driver.
I like the infestation if only for sheer mana efficiency. avatar of discord  could prove very efficient here, but coloring is an issue.
dawnstrider  to lock things up on opponents' turns has potential or you could go the  mind over matter  route, which would be fun, but would require an intense mana base. seismic mage  interacts well, but again, is off color.

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Why did you post it here? "Hey, all you guys who play this game! I'm not gonna play it!" "Umm... Ok, dude."
Scroll rack will let you turn squadron hawk or land tax into more draws later. Then you can play it black/white and use exhume and unburial rites to get them back. Plus black has many creatures with abilities usefull in the graveyard like gravecrawler , vengeful pharoah and reassembling skeleton.

It is much harder to do in green (plus the green effects with draw attatched tend to be stinky) but sylvan library and some form of cheap land shuffle like evolving wilds will do the same job.
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I was thinking about a deck with those creatures for some time but never really got it to work. Recently I tried it again and came out with a deck, that given you don't play in a very fast meta can do very well.

As discard outlets I chose Fauna Shaman and Zombie Infestation, as sac outlets I use High MarketViscera Seer amd Phyrexian Altar. What really makes the deck going is Bloodbond March and Fecundity.

Deck List:

Lands - 24
4 Forest
2 Swamp
1 Murmuring Bosk
4 Verdant Catacombs
3 Razorverge Thicket
4 Woodland Cemetery
3 Isolated Chapel
2 Haunted Fengraf
1 High Market
Creatures - 22
4 Squadron Hawk
4 Skyshroud Sentinel
4 Howling Wolf
4 Urborg Elf (maybe use Quirion Elves instead, but use elves ( -> Heritage Druid))
3 Fauna Shaman
1 Viscera Seer
1 Academy Rector
1 Heritage Druid
Other - 15
3 Zombie Infestation
3 Phyrexian Altar
3 Fecundity
3 Bloodbond March
1 Conspiracy (Naming Elves for Heritage Druid)
1 Elixir of Immortality
1 Bitter Ordeal Gravestorm for the win!

If you survive long enough to get enough of your combo pieces together it isn't hard to go of in a turn and build up unlimited gravestorm (and storm and mana) to win even in large scale multiplayer games. Getting there is not always easy, since the deck is neither the easiest to pilot nor the fastest, but when it works it's just fun.

I also tried it with Nestling Wurm but he simply is to expensive and 3 sets of these type of creature are really enough and leave more room in the deck to abuse them.

Hope you like (at least some of) my ideas, though my post comes a litlle late ;)

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