What if you could use all classes powers?

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What if you made a character that could use any powers in any book?  This character would get the same amount, but be able to choose from any class.  So, an at-will, encounter, and daily picked and chosen freely.  What would this look like? What would yours look like?
Lots and lots of multi attacks, minor action attacks, sneak attack, and oath of enmity.

Cry Havoc!  And let slip the hogs of war!

In some of my campaigns, I make you choose a class.  That class provides you with its basic abilities (i.e., Channel Divinity, warlock's Curse, Cantrips, Weapon Foci, whatever).  Powers are chosen from any class as long as they suit what you're trying to accomplish with you character.  You are a Fighter but you want to wield 2 weapons and actually use them- take a power from Ranger that requires two weapons.  Not enough players and no one wants to be a Cleric?  Sure you can take Cure Light Wounds as your 2nd level utility!  However, I usually have very few players and need to fill some class roles.  This allows for me to not have to introduce NPCs or hirelings.  The downside to taking a power not associated with your class?  You may not have good attributes associated with the power.  Again, Fighter with Ranger attack-  You took high Str and Con, but low Dex b/c you don't need it in your armor.  Your new attack is based on Dex.  Well, that's just the price you pay for your versatility, I guess. 
Parenthood: Gain rage class feature. While enraged, take ongoing psychic damage equal to half the child's level. Dealing damage while enraged is against your Code of Conduct and you will be depowered.


^^Wow, is that really how I came across in that personality thing or was this chosen at random?
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