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Joint Assault 
Instant (common)
Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. If it's paired with a creature, that creature also gets +2/+2 until end of turn.
"By my power, werewolves shall become the wolfir, our allies in combat against darkness."
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Joint Assault
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It's only good if there is enough good Soulbond creatures in the set. Otherwise it's unremarkable filler.
The set's Giant Growth. Is ok. Really comes down to the number Soulbond creatures.
So that's what happens to the werewolves. Er, the...wolfir.
Awww, they're holding hands.
WG could be really sexy if green gets some decent soulbounders to pair with the paladin.  I would imagine they'd get one that either gives another +x/+x boost to both creatures, trample, or both.  As long as it's cheap enough, with this and the silverblade paladin, you could be beating down fast.
I love the art callback; it's the little things like that that make me smile.

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Because frankly, being here depresses me these days.

I love the art callback; it's the little things like that that make me smile.

*fist bump*
I agree that it will depend on the number of Soulbound.  Still, should see plenty of limited play.
I love the name of the card and the fact that it's green.

Plenty of inappropriate jokes to be made. 
Flavour text of this card should have just been "nh".

As mentioned before, this is just this sets Giant Growth, though it could do nice things with the 2/2 Doublestrike-granting Soulbond creature.


192884403 wrote:
surely one can't say complex conditional passive language is bad grammar ?

i really like this. I'm wating to see what other green or red comes out.

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I don't know why people are like "meh", what do they expect from a sets "Giant Growth". Every sets got some sort of variant of it and I think this could be pretty good depending on what other soulbond creatures there are.
It's time we get:

Instant (common)
Target creature cannot attack or block. If it's paired with a creature, put a copy of either creature onto the battlefield with a -1/-1 counter on it.
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Artwork is sick. I wonder if there will be any practical way to get soulbond to work with infect creatures, cause that's all I'm thinking about with this card...
Artwork is sick. I wonder if there will be any practical way to get soulbond to work with infect creatures, cause that's all I'm thinking about with this card...

turn 2 1/1 flying poison guy, turn 3 paladin, turn 4 this. A 3/3 double striker, 5/5 if you have 2....Doable.  
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I'm guessing soulbond will be a common mechanic in AVR, it's very flavorful, and this card makes me think we'll see a lot of it.
Unchekced this could be a nasty card in limited.
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I like the flavor text.
Awww, they're holding hands.

With the double strike guy, this thing effectively gives you 8 extra damage for G. That seems pretty good to me, especially considering that if you're already hitting with two double strike creatures 8 damage might be enough to win the game.
... Wolfir? Wut? -_- 


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... Wolfir? Wut? -_- 

read the flavor text...

It is pretty lame sounding but I am obviously a wolf fan. A sentient wolf race - heck yeah about time. I mean cat lovers have leonins! Heck they even have Rhino and Elephant people.....
... Wolfir? Wut? -_- 

Another company already took "worgen".
Awww, they're holding hands.

My first thougt when I saw that was the movie Rush Hour.
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