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1. Could the 13-1 moons that orbit eberron connected to the 13 planes?

2.  If so then if Dal Quor was connected to the moon (Cyra I think) and the giants destroyed it did this cause Dal Quor to be baqnished ?

3. What about the sun, could it be Irian ?

4. When Cyra was destroyed might have parts of it rain down and cause the destruction that leveled Xen'drik (aside from the dragons)

5. Coulds the ring of sibreyes include any of the astral dominions in manual of the planes? 
I can answer all 5 questions with 7 words.

'Its your Eberron, man. Run with it.' 

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I think that those are all great ideas. I say "run with it," too.
Thanks for the support, but what are the names of the 13 moons ? (I guess I should have asked that originally )
This Dragonshard lists all the moons and some interesting information about them.

1 and 2) Yes. In fact, City of Stormreach clarifies that the giants built an eldtritch machine they called the Moon Breaker that shattered Crya, which has resulted in shutting off Eberron from Dal Quor.

3) You know, I don't know that the sun has really been mentioned much. I'd suspect that Irian would simply be connected to one of the moons (so it can follow the Baker's Dozen pattern). If I wanted to connect the sun to Eberron mythology, I might say that the sun is representative of Eberron herself waking and slumbering. Since Eberron was the progenitor meant to give life and the sun is necessary to sustain life, that's probably how I'd tie it to myth.

4) I recall reading this... somewhere. I honestly don't remember where, but that is something I distinctly recall. It may have been in the Dungeon adventure about the Heart of Siberys. Or it could have been in something Keith posted.

5) It's certainly something you could do. The Ring of Siberys is comprised of Siberys Dragonshards, said to be the very body of Siberys after Khyber struck out against the other sibling. Since Siberys was the creator, the progenitor responsible for creating the planes, this is certainly possible. What I'd do, though, is link the other demiplanes and astral dominions to the stars in the sky. The creation myth is that Siberys created the stars and Khyber began to swallow them, but there are still stars in the sky, so they are creations of Siberys. And Siberys created the planes, so perhaps the stars are all other demiplanes. Heck, you could even take the Spelljammer approach and say that they're all spheres floating in the phlogiston holding sets of planes!
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