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I was a little supprised when I finally took a close look at the MS 406.  It's armor and vital armor seem a little bit on the low side ... in fact comparable to a A6M2 ... which was very lightly built and rather fragile.  Am I to ASSUME ( I just love that word ) the 406 was built without selfsealing fuel tanks and no armor protection for the pilot?

My resources don't give any details ... other than a discription of " sturdy " ... whatever that means.  Any information would be helpful and appreciated.

Thanks ....

The MS 406 is comparable to the Zero in fragility and survivability. It had no armor protection and the semi retractable radiator was very vulnerable. I believe it still used pressed plywood in some of its construction like the MS 405.

The Finnish version is bit better and could argueably have even better stats due to improvements they applied. Some stats seem to perhaps receive a bump from pilot quality.

I'll need to dig into some of my other books to answer whether it had self sealing fuel tanks or not but what I have on hand says it could be knocked out with a harsh look.

If you read it was "study" it is most likely in reference to how it flew. It was a real nice flyer and as trainer was forgiving of miss handling. It just couldn't take the abuse expected in combat like its contempories.

Looking at the victories the French single engine fighters achieved the MS 406 had a good chunk but proportionaly to the number that were sent into combat it did the worst. 1,706 in service MS 4O6s are credited with 175 air combat kills but lost 400. (Many others were ground losses).  Less than half the number of active Curtis Hawk 75s achieved twice as many kills.  Hence the MS 4O6 was withdrawn from fighter duty and assinged to ground attack.  Again they took big losses due primarily to the radiators vulnerability to Flak.

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Ps. I did some additional net snooping and I can't find two sets of numbers that agree but over all the ratios are pretty much the same.

Also one of my books specificly I.D. the hydraulic and electricals being prone to failure in combat.

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Many thanks for the info .... a can be frustrating trying to find the correct info .... thanks again.
Very nice info Grenzewolf .

Regarding the 406, I am much more concerned about the cost rather than the armour. We have already made custom cards:




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Hey didn't notice that you featured Le Gloan as your Ace. I was just writting about him to RVM earlier. IMHO I would like to see him with an Allied Vet in MS 406(3 German Bombers) and then as an Ace in the D 520. The D 520 is the Ride he made Ace in and the one that put him in the history books. 5 Italians in one flight.

The coolest thing about this ace is the neat card you guys could make. Half Blue and half Red to represent his service with the Vichy French. 6 hurricanes and 1 Gloster Gladiator.

Thanks for Sharing these. I would like to convert one of my Hurricanes to the Fin to get a little Winter War action going.

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