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I have a pic I grabbed from mgbeach's site. At least I think that's where I got it. Thanks mgbeach! If you haven't checked out his site you should. He's got a ton of stuff. Good stuff even
Anyway, it's a pic of a gorilla hanging down on the side of a cliff with black feathered wings. The wings are spread like he's either trying to intimidate someone or he's getting ready to take off. I've been searching through Monster Manual 1-5 and FF all with no luck in finding a gorilla. The closest I've got is the Gorillafolk. I'm sure it's got to be in there somewhere but I can't find it. I even tried the SRD with no luck. I found a bahemoth gorilla though. lol. Does anyone know what page of what book I should look on?
I'm guessing/hoping I can use the "outsider" template to make him with wings? Or is there something better I should use?
This is for 3.5 please.

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Sorry forgot to post the pic

I guess it's not angel actually. It has wings but they're not white and he has no halo. So I guess he's just a winged gorilla.

I'm gonna rip your head off and make it my puppet! (NWN 2)

Savage Species has a "Winged" template you might find useful.

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Cool. Thank you. It looks pretty decent.

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That particular winged gorilla is a Pathfinder creature, in Beastiary 3. It is a derii.
Thanks steventirey1985. I think I have to go with the Savage Species and the "Winged" template. It can be made to be a lot weaker than the Derii. Unless someone can chop them up for dinner, er... level advancement like a template. I would be using it in a low level (1-3) campaign.
But don't take it the wrong way steventirey1985, I can still use the Derii when I get up into the higher levels. Which I'm sure I will.

I'm gonna rip your head off and make it my puppet! (NWN 2)

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