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How does the monks unarmed combat ability work?
Which powers would the monk gain the +3 bonus to attack rolls, just the melee 1 powers, or melee touch as well?
And if a monk has a staff, how do you know which of his powers you use it with?

And the monks ki, that would give a bonus for every attack roll, or just to unarmed attacks?
Monk Unarmed Strike is a weapon.  It has a damage die of d8, and a proficiency bonus of +3. 

Proficiency bonuses only apply to weapon attacks.  Monks do not have any weapon attacks as class powers.  The +3 proficiency bonus of Monk Unarmed Strike does not apply.

Monks have proficiency as implements with all of the weapons with which they have proficiency.  This means that any weapon they use can be used as an implement for implement attacks.  Implement attacks do not gain proficiency bonus.

A ki focus is an implement, and if you use one you're using that as the implement for your Monk powers.  It's identical in all respects to using any other implement you're proficient with.

Yes, monks are melee, and they're themed as striking their opponents.  But as far as the rules are concerned, treat them as if they were wizards and everything will make sense.
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The monk unarmed strike is primarily useful when making opportunity attacks, although it may also come into play if you acquire weapon-keyword powers via a theme or multiclassing.
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