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I am now the DM of a ~5 player group and already got a campaign and also various quests. I'm wondering how to keep track of the progress, and how to plan all the stuff and important NPCs in the first place. I guess it's going to take a while until I'm finishing the campaign and I won't be able to remember all the details I've already got. So I want a way to write all the raw material together, maybe create something similar to the planning done with the programm "Masterplan", but I also want to change details, change the world so the speak as the campaign goes on. I've been searching for a tool that does exactly that for a long time now, but haven't found something so far. A friend of mine told me I should just use paper and write all the stuff down, but I like it more when it's on my computer, which would allow me to edit things faster, and create an outline or something like that far all the events that are important for the progress of the campaign. It's also important, that all the stuff is on my computer, for my campaign is going to affect the world, and the PCs and their actions also affect the world. 

Thanks for any advise you can give me. 
Is it just too lame to suggest using a word processor and spreadsheet?  That is what I do.
I enjoyed Obsidian Portal. Good free wiki based system designed for RPG campaigns. Generally any wiki will work, but theirs is focused towards RPGs which is nice.

Alternativley, google docs could work. I don't like it much, but it does allow for real time group editing of docs.  

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Why not use Masterplan? It does exactly what you want.
Why not use Masterplan? It does exactly what you want.

It's designed to plan quests, not entire campaigns, right? I'd need an overview of the campaign to effectively plan sessions. 
Campaigns, adventures, individual sessions, encounters, whatever you want.
Ah, right, that's pretty neat. You don't accidently know a location for the d20 library for masterplan, so I don't have to create all the classes/races etc. on my own, do you? I tried a quick google search but didn't find anything useful so far.

But thanks for now for your oppinions and help! 
You don't need races and classes - it doesn't replace the character builder.
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