Undying + Persist + Morbid deck

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Looks like a ok birthing pod. All i could see is adding a thrun, the last troll on side for control decks
I'm not really sold on Blood Funnel.
As a matter of fact,  I'm thinking that a few safehold elites might be a good addition as well, removing some cauldron of souls cards and probably some cards with morbid.

The concept is that if a creature has both undying and persist and it has no +1/+1 or -1/-1 counters on it at the time that it dies, it comes back from the graveyard to the battlefield with both a +1/+1 counter and a -1/-1 counter. Thereby removing the counters. Meaning that it's ready to trigger undying and persist again and the creature will never really die. 

I could have stopped building the deck at Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, Kitchen Finks, and the Blasting Station. By sacrificing a kitchen fink as a cost to activate the blasting station, I'd activate either Undying on the kitchen fink, Persist on the kitchen fink, or both. This returns the kitchen fink to the battlefield, untapping the blasting station. Meaning that I could use the Blasting station an infinite number of times. Any player that has all three of these cards in play has won the game automatically (because they could deal their opponent an infinite number of damage, simultaneously gaining twice as much life), unless their opponent can't be the target of the blasting station for whatever reason.

Or if they have Grafdigger's cage in play. 
Awesome deck idea.

How about a Diabolic Tutor to find whichever 1-of is best for the scenario?

Remember that Blood Funnel can backfire bigtime if you ever run out of creatures!  You need at least one on the board to sacrifice (you can't sacrifice the card you are playing because its still on the stack).  Overall it just seems to risky as it could easily lose you the game and to play safely with it defeats the purpose.  Its just a hard card to make good sadly.  That being said I could see its big brother, Heartless Summoning, working good here!

There are better choices for your common slots really.  I think 1 Reaper from the Abyss could be good here.  Morkrut Banshee could combo pretty well too, but I would leave as a 1-of or at most 2 as a lot of times its just a crappy Durkwood Boars.

I'de go 2 slimes, maybe even 3.  They are great in this deck, but as a 5-mana 4 of them would be too many.

I could see Shriekmaw being good (unless the opponent is mono-black obviously).  The way it works is that if you evoke it you still have a chance to give it persist or undying.  If you give it persist, it will come back as a 2/1, kill 2 creatures, and not leave the battlefield.  If you undying it, it comes back as a 4/3, kill 2 creatures, and does not leave the battlefield.  This is because the Evoke mechanic only checks when you first cast it, not when it comes back from persist or undying.

Cloudthresher could be used in a similar fashion, bringing in a 6/6 or 8/8 (depending on if you persist or undying) with reach for only 4 mana at instant speed with flash!  It also would do a total of 4 damage to all fliers and players, clearing the skies versus almost anything.

Walker of the Grove does similar nasty, ending with a 6/6 or 8/8 and an additional 4/4 creature.  Cloudthresher is better though.

Some generic removal might be nice.  Your colors open up the very versatile choices of Vindicate, Putrefy, and Mortify.

Murmuring Bosk is a solid choice even without treefolk.  It's still a very good land since nothing else exists for this color combination.
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