Geist of St. Traft + Sundial of the Infinite?

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If a player were to attack with Geist of Saint Traft in order to bring an angel token to the battlefield and then he used Sundial of the Infinite mid-combat, would that player get to keep his 4/4 angel token?
To keep the token you would need to activate the sundail during the end of combat step when the triggers to exile the toke is on the stack.
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Depends on when exactly during combat the Sundial is activated. If it is anytime before the end of combat step, the angel would be exiled at the next end of combat step to occur, likely the opponent's. If the Sundial is activated in response to the delayed trigger, that trigger gets exiled and won't fire again, thus letting the player keep the angel.

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Just as a further note, and to make sure I'm thinking of this correctly, the relevant rule is:

603.7b A delayed triggered ability will trigger only once -- the next time its trigger event occurs -- unless it has a stated duration, such as "this turn."

Therefore, the delayed trigger will trigger at the next end of combat step, since it doesn't specify "at the end of this turn's end of combat step" or something like that. But, since each delayed trigger only triggers once, the key is to use Sundial after it triggers but before it resolves. Use Sundial too early (i.e., before it triggers) and it'll trigger at the next end of combat step, and use Sundial too late - after the ability resolves - and, well, your angel is gone.

(I guess that's what everyone else said. But I provided the rule!) 
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